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Deliver the best Office 365 experience for all end users. Monitoring for Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Yammer and more. Proactive alerts and root-cause diagnosis.

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eG Enterprise is a 100% web-based monitoring, diagnosis, and reporting solution for Microsoft Office 365 environments. Embedding deep domain expertise, pre-built dashboards, and KPIs, eG Enterprise empowers Office 365 administrators to continuously monitor health and performance metrics, diagnose issues, and isolate the root cause of Office 365 performance problems.

  • Get real-time insights on Office 365 service health and quality across all locations and hybrid infrastructures
  • From a single console, track Office 365 usage by each service, activity by distribution groups, Message Center communication, service provisioning status, license usage, and more
  • Monitor real-time digital experience of users and measure user satisfaction levels
  • Use correlative intelligence to pinpoint the root cause of Office 365 issues: is it due to a problem in the cloud, the network, or the client?
Office 365 Monitoring
Assuring maximum availability and performance for Office 365 applications

eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

Mike Montano Senior Manager, Allscripts

Total performance assurance for
Office 365 environments

Deliver high-performing exchange online services

Get centralized visibility of your organization’s Office 365 email usage.

  • Track the amount and size of emails sent/received, how many emails were delivered/failed/rejected, and how many were filtered as spam
  • Optimize resource provisioning: Track which users are accessing each mailbox, which mailboxes are inactive/archived, which ones have reached quota limits, etc.
  • Track and report on user-level metrics such as types of users connected (ActiveSync-enabled users, inactive users, etc.), access from mobile devices, and passwords nearing expiry
Office 365 Monitoring Tools | Exchange Online Monitoring
  • Check MAPI connectivity of a mailbox and ensure Exchange Online servers are functioning properly
  • A built-in logon simulator for Exchange Online synthetically tests connectivity and helps baseline logon performance from different locations. This enables Office 365 admins to get alerted to logon issues proactively.

Get critical SharePoint online health metrics at your fingertips

  • Monitor key SharePoint KPIs, such as service status, service incidents, Health Score, IIS latency, logon time, and tenant storage in OneDrive
  • Leverage real user monitoring capabilities to identify user experience issues in real time
  • Stay compliant with audits by tracking file, page, and folder activities and get alerted to unusual activity
  • Get visibility into SharePoint site administration, synchronization, and sharing and access request operations
  • Monitor site collections and measure storage usage for intelligent capacity planning
Office 365 Performance Monitoring | SharePoint Online Monitoring

Improve Office 365 service quality with actionable insights

  • eG Enterprise allows Office 365 admins to continuously track health of critical services, such as Office 365 Suite, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Teams, Planner, etc.
  • Monitor license usage stats and get alerted to licenses nearing expiry
  • Get access to Message Center communications and easily view messages, external links, and urgency levels
  • Measure network delays for connectivity to Office 365 Portal to help identify if it is a network issue that’s affecting user access
Microsoft Office 365 Monitoring

Ensure high quality of communication and collaboration via teams and skype for business online

  • Perform synthetic checks to proactively test call success, quality, connectivity, and network performance
  • Monitor every Teams and Skype for Business session in real time and identify poor audio/video/AppSharing/VBSS streams
  • Get alerted to call failures due to high jitter, packet loss, degradation, RTT, and concealed ratio
  • Monitor the network quality KPIs: spoiled tile percent, RDP tile latency, relative one-way delay, etc.
  • Track team and channel operations, user activities, team member, team owner and global admin activities
Teams Monitoring | Skype for Business Monitoring

Ensure peak availability and operations of OneDrive for business

  • Monitor file operations in OneDrive, and view which users performed them
  • Find out which OneDrive sites have the greatest number of active files
  • Measure content growth over time and track site administration, synchronization and sharing, and access request operations
  • Report on the number of active and inactive users
  • Get insights into how many inactive and orphaned sites exist
OneDrive Monitoring | Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Migrate to the cloud with confidence

eG Enterprise allows you to continuously monitor all phases of your Office 365 migration process,enabling you to catch performance degradations proactively and ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the cloud.

  • Monitor your pre-migration environment and establish baselines
  • During migration, compare performance with baselines and check for deviations
  • After migration, implement continuous monitoring to detect and alert abnormal usage patterns and performance trends
  • Track bandwidth usage to measure impact due to Office 365 services
Office 365 Migration | Cloud Migration

Triage problems quickly with automated root cause diagnosis &
built-in analytics

Using built-in intelligence and machine learning, eG Enterprise automatically isolates the root cause of application performance problems in your Office 365 environment. Easily identify if it’s an issue on the client-side browser access, network slowness, or a fault in Office 365.

eG Enterprise automatically baselines the performance of your Microsoft services across locations and helps determine deviation in expected performance. Take advantage of the pre-built reports to gain actionable insights for historical trending, capacity planning and load balancing.

Office 365 Migration | Cloud Migration

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