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eG Enterprise is a complete SharePoint performance monitoring and management solution that delivers end-to-end visibility into every component of your SharePoint farm: site collections, sites, web applications, web parts, content growth, databases, SharePoint services, logs, events, and more. From a single pane of glass, SharePoint administrators can:

  • Monitor all aspects of the SharePoint infrastructure
  • Receive proactive alerts for abnormal trends and bottlenecks
  • Analyze historical reports for in-depth diagnostics and capacity planning
  • Get actionable insights for performance optimization
Solve SharePoint performance problems with eG Enterprise: Incorrectly configured web parts, slow pages, uncontrolled content growth, database connectivity failures, faulty JavaScript code, authentication problems, and load balancing issues.

In Depth: See the SharePoint performance metrics monitored by eG Enterprise.

With eG Enterprise, more than 70% of the time we can respond to an event and resolve the issue before the customer engages support. That results in about a 15 to 20% cost avoidance for us. eG Enterprise drastically improves our performance from an SLA standpoint.

John McDonald Director of Support, Allscripts


Get Key SharePoint Health Metrics at Your Fingertips

Monitor your entire SharePoint farm and be the first to know when SharePoint is slow or experiencing any outages. From a single web console, eG Enterprise makes it easy to identify if a slowdown is being caused by a problem in the SharePoint farm or the supporting infrastructure (network, AD, database, etc.).

  • Get access to KPIs about SharePoint sites, web parts, web pages, and content on each page and analyze performance
  • Monitor SharePoint Health Analyzer alerts and pinpoint policy violations
  • Measure availability of critical SharePoint services such as search, index, timer job, and more
  • Track ULS logs from across your SharePoint in one place, and simplify SharePoint administration
  • Leverage built-in reports to analyze trends, user activity, and content growth

Proactively Track SharePoint Content Growth

  • Keep the growth of your SharePoint content database in check by monitoring key metrics
  • Understand which file types are contributing to data explosion
  • Track the growth rate of documents, lists, web applications, and recycle bin
  • Report on orphaned files and old and unused content
  • Forecast future content growth and plan storage needs accordingly
  • Monitor disk space utilization to know when there is insufficient storage
SharePoint Monitoring Tools: eG Enterprise

Optimize SharePoint End-User Experience

  • Use built-in real user monitoring (RUM) capabilities to measure end-user experience on your SharePoint site
  • Understand which geographical regions are slow, and uncover what is causing slowness
  • Measure Apdex score, and keep track of end-user satisfaction 24x7
  • Analyze user metrics and pinpoint which users are affected, and when
  • Troubleshoot faster by easily finding out the cause of slow page load time; is it due to network latency, SharePoint application problem, front-end browser issue, or slow content download?
eG Enterprise: SharePoint Monitoring Tools

Troubleshoot Infrastructure Issues Affecting SharePoint Performance

  • Automatically discover and map SharePoint applications and their infrastructure dependencies (e.g. network, AD, database, storage, virtualization, cloud, etc.)
  • View service-level topology of your entire SharePoint farm on a single pane of glass
  • Auto-correlate performance metrics and automatically pinpoint the root cause of SharePoint issues
  • Auto-baseline the entire SharePoint infrastructure and get alerted to performance deviations
SharePoint Performance Monitoring using eG Enterprise

Single Monitor for SharePoint On-Premises, Cloud, and Hybrid Environments

  • Get out-of-the-box monitoring for SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007
  • Leverage purpose-built monitoring model for SharePoint Online (a part of Office 365)
  • Monitor your hybrid SharePoint environment — on-premises and via cloud — from a single console
  • eG Enterprise uses a combination of monitoring methods, including PowerShell, Perform, and SQL queries and logs to collect metrics from across your SharePoint farm
SharePoint Performance Reports in eG Enterprise

Answer Key SharePoint Performance Questions

  • Why is SharePoint slow? Is it due to a server-side issue, network latency, or front-end problem?
  • Which SharePoint users are experiencing slowness? Which pages are slow?
  • Is content growth affecting SharePoint performance? Which types of files occupy more storage?
  • Did a timer job fail? Are all SharePoint services up and running?
  • Is the IIS web server busy with too much static content?
eG Enterprise: SharePoint Monitoring Tools

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