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What is Database performance monitoring?

Database performance issues quickly cascade and affect application performance and user experience. eG Enterprise Universal Insight is a unified performance monitoring, diagnosis and reporting solution for database performance management.

eG Enterprise provides visibility into all aspects of database performance - workload, configuration, memory buffers, I/O operations, queries, deadlocks, etc. It auto-correlates database performance with that of the underlying operating system, virtualization and storage tiers, automates and accelerates the discovery and diagnosis of database performance issues.

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Database monitoring challenges

Behind every multi-tier application is a database, and good database performance is essential for optimal application performance. When database performance suffers, applications fail or slow down, resulting in poor user experience and lost business revenue.

The increasing variety of database systems poses challenges for administrators. Database systems have also evolved using technologies such as in-memory caching, optimized indexing and others. Compounding the problem is the increasing adoption of virtualization and cloud computing for database servers. When a slowdown happens, administrators have to determine whether the issue is due to the database server, or the VM it is hosted on, or the underlying storage platform?

eG Innovations Performance Management Overview

eG Enterprise has been incredibly useful and has far exceeded our expectations. Metrics relating to SQL and missing indexes have provided critical information that we had long suspected were performance issues.
Now we have the information to address specific performance challenges.

Pejman Farahi Applications Specialist, Aird Berlis

Database monitoring tool features

Next-generation Database performance monitoring and analytics

eG Enterprise provides deep visibility into database environments to accelerate the diagnosis of application performance issues, and quickly restore user experience.

  • Unified monitoring of database, server and application performance from one console
  • Intelligent analytics to correlate database performance with that of the other tiers
  • Customizable dashboards with metrics on database performance, user experience, system / service health, etc.
  • Performance reports to right-size and optimize your IT database servers for maximum ROI
Database monitoring tools and software for efficient performance management

What eG Enterprise universal insight for
Databases reveals

eG Enterprise provides in-depth monitoring of every aspect of database performance:

Memory buffer utilization Rollback activity Root-blockers
Cache hit ratio Missing indexes Top queries by disk I/O
Top queries by CPU Parse vs CPU time Long table scans
Log and space usage Active transactions Sorts on disk
Data file activity Defragmented indexes I/O wait times
Database Problems Diagnosis | Database Tools

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