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Proactive Monitoring and Optimization
of Oracle Database Servers

In many infrastructures, a database server (or a cluster) supports multiple front-end servers. Consequently, when there is a performance bottleneck or failure of a database server, it impacts the performance of several services that rely on it. Effective database management requires a great deal of expertise, and Oracle monitoring tools are critical for successful IT service delivery. eG Enterprise helps you ensure top database performance by ensuring that:

  • Queries that are long-running, I/O intensive and memory intensive are identified and optimized for fast application performance
  • Unusual locking behavior of queries is identified, and necessary query modifications performed
  • Servers have enough buffers to perform and sort operations in memory rather than on disk
Oracle Database Monitoring Dashboard
  • Database workload is evenly distributed across the different datafiles
  • Query waits are identified and the database subsystem tuned to minimize wait times

eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability

Mike Montano Senior Manager, Allscripts

Troubleshoot Slow Database Queries with Detailed Analytics

  • Quantify overall database server workload. Monitor commits and rollbacks happening
  • Identify top queries by I/O activities, CPU usage, memory usage
  • Identify which queries are executing for a long time, highlight username, application, and query
  • Identify if any application is leaking cursors (e.g., due to ResultSets not being closed)
  • Identify the largest tables in the database server
Troubleshoot slow Oracle Database queries with detailed analytics

Get Comprehensive Insights into Oracle Database Server Performance

  • Monitor space usage by tablespace; determine when a tablespace is likely to run out of space
  • Monitor the rollback segments. Track writes, waits, and gets to each segment and determine if additional rollback segments are necessary (e.g., waits > 5%)
  • Track activity of each of the data files. Identify if the I/O activity is not balanced across all data files and if additional data files are required to balance the I/O activity
  • Track system and session waits by type; identify how the database server can be used to minimize wait time
  • Monitor fragmentation level of database tables and indexes, and be proactively alerted to situations when online/offline tuning of the database is required
Get comprehensive insights into Oracle Database Server performance

Audit Accesses to the Oracle Database Server

  • Track the session workload to the database server overall and identify sessions killed, sniped or in blocked mode
  • Monitor sessions by users and identify if specific user sessions are causing query blocking
  • Report on root-blockers - i.e., queries blocking other queries
  • Identify which application/user is imposing the most load on the database server. Track if there is a database connection leak that is leaving orphaned connections to the database server
Get comprehensive insights into Oracle Database Server performance
  • Report on top queries to the database server by application/client, categorized by CPU, memory, and I/O time used
  • Track any and all configuration changes on the Oracle database server; correlate performance changes with configuration changes made

Supported Oracle Database Server configurations:

  • eG Enterprise support Oracle 10G and higher
  • Multi-tenant configurations are supported
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) monitoring is also supported.
  • Oracle Data Guard monitoring is also available.
  • Support is available on Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Choose between agent-based and agentless monitoring.

Monitor Database Server Health

Track the key parameters that can affect database server performance:

  • Does the server have sufficient CPU, memory, and disk resources?
  • Is one of the disk drives seeing more I/O than others?
  • Is there excessive disk queueing that can affect response times?
  • Is the disk heavily fragmented and is defragmentation required?
  • Are there any I/O errors during disk access that may indicate a faulty disk that is affecting database access?
Easily monitor Oracle database server health
  • Get complete details of the wait events to figure out which process initiated the even

What Oracle Database Monitoring
eG Enterprise Reveals

Database service monitoring
  • Is the Oracle database server available for servicing requests and what is the response time for a typical request?
Session monitoring
  • How many users are accessing the Oracle database currently?
  • Who are the active users?
Query monitoring
  • What are the current top 10 SQL queries in terms of resource utilization?
Transaction monitoring
  • What is the commit and rollback behavior of the applications using the Oracle database?
Alert log monitoring
  • Have there been any recent errors/events in the Oracle alert log? What are they?
Rollback segment monitoring
  • Is there heavy contention for the rollback segments?
Lock and latch monitoring
  • Is there contention for locks?
  • Is a specific application holding a lock for a long time? Which lock(s) are these?
Cache monitoring
  • Are the library cache, dictionary cache, and the data buffer cache adequately sized?
Full table scan monitoring
  • Is there any full table scan happening on the Oracle database server? If so, how frequently?
Tablespace monitoring
  • Are any of the tablespaces reaching their storage capacity?
  • Is the load adequately balanced across the tablespaces?
Hot file monitoring
  • Is the disk I/O (read/write) being balanced across the datafiles or is there a particular hot datafile that is handling all the requests?
Redo log monitoring
  • Is the Oracle redo-log buffer sufficiently sized, or is there a large number of requests waiting for redo log space?
Object monitoring
  • Is there any invalid object in the database? Which ones?
  • Which objects have been recently modified and when?
  • Are there objects that have reached their maximum extent? Which ones are these?

Monitor Oracle Database Server Performance from an Application Perspective

eG Enterprise allows database performance to be monitored in the context of the applications using the database server.

  • Without requiring any agents on the database servers, eG Enterprise APM traces all application accesses and reports on slow queries and exceptions during database processing.
  • When a specific web page or URL is slow, you don't have to wonder any more as to what is causing the slowdown. eG Enterprise APM gives you the answers at your fingertips.

This eliminates finger-pointing between application development, application operations, and database admin teams.

The Oracle monitoring tools from eG Innovations show key elements of Oracle server performance so you can easily troubleshoot issues before they become problems.

How eG Enterprise Monitoring for Oracle Database Server Helps

  • Generates proactive, real-time alerts based on hundreds of Oracle database statistics collected and analyzed in real-time
  • Enables anytime, anywhere Oracle database monitoring and reporting of an IT infrastructure from any web browser
  • Facilitates effective allocation of operations staff and optimization of Oracle database experts
  • Offers integrated monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure including network, server, applications, and databases, and cross-correlation for bottleneck identification and analysis
eG Enterprise provides detailed monitoring for Oracle Database servers

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