Azure Active Directory Monitoring and Reporting

Get full visibility and automated alerting on changes and logons occurring in your Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Monitor and audit all Azure AD activities proactively and automatically.

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Alerting and Reporting for Azure AD

eG Enterprise proactively and continuously collects, and monitors data associated with Azure AD metrics, events, log and traces. Simplifying and automating tasks such as:

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  • Actively monitoring successful and failed logons and alerting on suspicious behaviors
  • Monitoring app registrations and their RBAC roles and permissions
  • Tracking secret and certificate errors and expiration warnings
  • Auditing activities such as adding, deleting and modifying users, applications, service principals, groups, policies, members, etc.
  • Monitoring and auditing different sign-in logs
  • Monitoring users and their last login date and time, stale users & devices.

Ensure Security and Compliance

  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of activities to meet your SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA and FISMA requirements.
  • ITSM service and help desk tool integrations with all major vendors including ServiceNow, Autotask, JIRA and others; to ensure actions arising are processed within standard and traceable processes as needed.
  • Additional alerting options include SMS, email, Slack, WhatsApp, in-browser notifications and the secure eG Enterprise mobile apps for iOS and Android. Rapid notification in the event of attempted security breaches.

Full Coverage of Azure AD Connect and
On-premises Active Directory

eG Enterprise covers the full range of Azure AD usage scenarios, whether that is standalone or in conjunction with Azure AD Connect and on-premises Active Directory components. A single pane of glass for your whole logon and authentication process.

Synchronization task failures and connectivity issues that mean users are unable to access the resources are proactively checked for. Administrators have full insights to rectify problems before end users report issues accessing resources.

Integration with eG Enterprise’s comprehensive support for Active Directory allows a unified view of authentication across hybrid infrastructures beyond Azure.

User Activity Monitoring

eG Enterprise’s Azure Active Directory monitoring answers all the common questions about Azure AD users out of the box without having to write any KQL queries. Dashboards can be accessed out of the box or created with just a few clicks without having to rely on public domain workbooks.

Besides continually monitoring logs, metrics, and error messages, eG Enterprise also automatically performs deeper diagnostic tests, if issues exist. For example, if inactive users are detected or failed logins occur, details on those users or reasons for failure are collected and analyzed.

Coupled with automated static and dynamic thresholds, anomalies, and unusual events automatically trigger notifications that pinpoint the underlying root cause of the problem.

Instant access to critical information on user activities allows the Azure administrator to
instantly answer questions on Azure AD users, such as:
  • How many users have been created in Azure AD?
  • How many users are synced from On-Premises Active Directory and where were they synced and when did the last synchronization happen?
  • How many users have weak passwords?
  • How many users have a password with “is set not to expire” status?
  • Are there any unlicensed users in the Azure tenant?
  • Are there any disabled accounts in the Azure tenant?
  • Are there any user accounts that are not part of any of the Azure AD Groups?
  • Are there any stale user accounts in the Azure tenant?
  • Have there been any malicious sign-in attempts?
  • Have any risky sign-ins happened recently?
  • Are any App registrations going to expire either in client secrets or SSL certificates?
  • What are the roles and permissions of App registrations?
  • Are there any brute force attacks happening for the tenant?

Simple GUI access to Azure AD Audit logs

eG Enterprise Azure AD monitoring monitors Audit log and proactively alerts upon audit failures. All audit log records are stored in the eG database. So, you can store this data for a longer period than the Azure default for security, compliance or troubleshooting reasons.

eG Enterprise allows you to slice and dice this data without writing any KQL (Kusto Query Language) queries and without the need to import the workbooks from community repositories using custom reports and dashboards.

eG Enterprise’s Azure AD Audit log monitoring helps you to find answers for questions such as:

  • Have there been any failures in audit activities?
  • Have any timeouts occurred during audit activities?
  • How many successful audit activities happened recently?
  • How many unknown audit activities?
  • How many passwords were changed?
  • How many users have changed?
  • Were any federated domains created?
  • What licenses are assigned to a user or group?
  • Has the owner changed for the group?
  • What applications are added or removed?
  • Who gave consent to an application?
  • What devices are added or removed?

Monitor Azure AD Sign-in logs and Detect Attacks Proactively

Azure AD sign-in logs is an indispensable tool for troubleshooting and investigating security-related incidents in your tenant. Proactively, and constantly monitoring sign-ins can prevent breaches, alert administrators to malicious attacks and anomalous usage patterns and enable them to reduce their vulnerability by ensuring systems are configured to allow access only to those users and services that need access using up-to-date best practice authentication mechanisms and so on.

eG Enterprise's Azure AD Sign-in log monitoring helps you to find answers to questions such as:

  • How many sign-ins happened recently?
  • How many of them succeeded and how many failed?
  • Have any risky sign-ins happened recently?
  • How many people are using single-factor and multi-factor authentication?
  • Is any legacy authentication being used for sign-ins?
  • Do the failed sign-ins happen due to conditional access failure?
  • Have any brute-force and password spraying sign-in attacks occurred recently?
  • Have there been any malicious sign-in attempts recently?
  • How many users are registered for MFA and what method(s) are they registered to use?
Brute force and password spraying attacks can be easily identified and the details examined. Here an individual user attempted to log in from numerous geographically distant locations and IP addresses.

Data on authentication can be used in modernization and transformation projects to demonstrate progress as applications are migrated to better authentication mechanisms, or used to audit the vulnerability of an organization.

Overall sign-in data overviews help administrators understand user work patterns

Monitor Azure and Beyond

Beyond Azure AD, eG Enterprise monitors and correlates data from across the whole of your IT application and Infrastructure landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
about Azure Active Directory Monitoring Tools

You can use Azure Monitor, which requires extensive setup and configuration, or you can use a third-party tool like eG Enterprise which is pre-configured with all the metrics and thresholds for Azure AD. Read more about how to monitor Azure AD in our blog post.






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