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Value-Added Monitoring Enables Managed Services Growth

List of global MSPs who have chosen eG Enterprise as their preferred IT monitoring solution

Fueling MSP Growth with App-Centric Monitoring

Two Dimensions of MSP Growth

MSPs around the world partner with eG Innovations to deliver monitoring as a service to their customers to ensure performance success of their service offerings – whether it is VDI deployment, hosting or management, core IT infrastructure services, cloud hosting or application development.

eG Innovations offers end-to-end application and IT infrastructure monitoring platform that MSPs can use to deliver user experience visibility and direct insight into application performance. Auto-correlated views of infrastructure health allow MSPs to proactively diagnose problems and their root causes, and ensure rapid troubleshooting, high service uptime and business continuity.

How eG Enterprise helps MSPs expand their business:

Below is a list of some MSPs that partner with eG Innovations to deliver state-of-the-art application and IT infrastructure monitoring solutions.


Allscripts Healthcare Solutions relies on IT monitoring solutions from eG Innovations

Allscripts is an American healthcare solution provider that delivers state-of-the-art EMR solutions for healthcare organizations. To ensure high performance of their managed services, Allscripts relies on IT monitoring solutions from eG Innovations for quick diagnosis and troubleshooting of performance issues arising from the IT infrastructure supporting their services. They use eG Enterprise as part of their service offering to improve application delivery and enhance end user experience. After using eG Enterprise, Allscripts was able to create great client experiences that foster client loyalty and business growth.

Mike Montano
eG Enterprise drastically improves our performance from an SLA standpoint. More than 99% of the time our team responds to issues within 4 minutes. More than 85% of the time, we can either resolve issues or escalate them to the next level within 30 minutes.Mike Montano Manager of Proactive Support Offering Development & Delivery, Allscripts  |  View Case Study »

Address: 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza Suite 2024 Chicago, IL 60654, USA
Phone: +1 800-334-8534

C5 Alliance

C5 Alliance utilizes eG Innovations monitoring solutions to diagnose and troubleshoot VDI issues.

The C5 Alliance Group is the largest provider of technology solutions in the Channel Islands. One of their core focus areas is VDI – delivering virtual desktops to their customers to enable remote connectivity. Partnering with eG Innovations, C5 Alliance provides state-of-the-art virtual desktop services with high performance and enhanced user experience. eG Innovations' monitoring solutions allow C5 Alliance to proactively detect, diagnose and troubleshoot VDI issues and deliver high availability of desktop services.

Address: 25-26 Esplanade, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3QA, Channel Islands, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 153-463-3733

GlassHouse Technologies

Glasshouse Technologies uses IT montiroing from eG Innovations as part of their digital workspace offering.

GlassHouse is an Australia-based service provider focusing on Cloud and Workspace Lifecycle Management. Delivering highly customized and optimized digital workspace implementations, GlassHouse focuses on achieving a combination of governance, operational readiness, and design-awareness that meets the bespoke needs of their customers.

GlassHouse incorporates eG Innovations' monitoring solution, eG Enterprise, as a packaged solution as part of their digital workspace offering. Rebranding eG Enterprise as "Magnify," GlassHouse offers monitoring as a service to their customers running virtual desktops on-premises and in the cloud.

Address: Level 3,478 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: +61 130-073-6138

IO Integration

IO Integration uses the eG Enterprise solution for remote monitoring services.

IO Integration is a United States-based solution provider that delivers advanced workflow automation, digital asset management and digital experience management solutions that directly benefit the bottom line of marketing creative organizations.

IO Integration uses eG Enterprise monitoring solution from eG Innovations to offer remote monitoring service for their customers to keep track of the health and performance of their critical IT infrastructure components (servers, operating systems, applications, etc). IO Integration has repackaged and rebranded eG Enterprise into "IO Monitor," their 24x7 remote monitoring service.

Bill Covington
We have evaluated all major performance management solutions and were truly impressed with eG Innovations' ability to proactively pinpoint performance issues across multiple mission-critical systems, whether they are physical, virtualized or cloud based, and do so before issues impact user productivity and ROI. Our new IO Monitor service now offers true 24x7x365 support and offers total performance visibility across every layer of every tier of our client's IT infrastructure.Bill Covington CTO, IO Integration

Address: 20480 Pacifica Drive, Suite 1C, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA
Phone: +1 408-996-3420

Qubic Hosting (Formerly Umbee Hosting)

Qbic Hosting and MSP provider adapts eG Enterrise to monitor hosted Citrix and cloud infrastructures.

Qubic is a hosting company and a managed service provider that is focused on delivering turnkey cloud hosting, Citrix hosting, and other managed services including firewall management, patch management, backup, disaster recovery, performance monitoring, and so on.

Qubic adapts eG Enterprise into its deep-scan platform to proactively monitor hosted Citrix and cloud infrastructures. This helps Qubic to troubleshoot and resolve bottlenecks before their customers notice any dip in performance.

Muneeb Ahmed
The effectiveness and overall ease of use of eG Enterprise makes it something of a standard choice for anyone who is running a Citrix environment, the very nature of a tool such as this is necessary if one wants to improve their monitoring response effectiveness.Muneeb AhmedCTO, Qubic Group plc

Address: Qubic House, C1 The Courtyard, Alban Park, Hatfield Road, St. Albans, AL4 0LA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 330-111-2877


Spadafy partners with eG Innovations for advance cloud hosted virtual desktop analytics.

Spadafy is a United States-based consulting group and solution provider focusing on strategic engineering and technology solutions for healthcare and commercial customer, spanning VDI managed services, hosted EUC analytics, healthcare user experience management and more.

Spadafy has partnered with eG Innovations to provide advanced cloud hosted virtual desktop analytics. Spadafy-managed eG Innovations end user experience analytics software helps customers identify issues and areas for improvement, without expensive long-term license terms, lengthy install & configuration, and with the ease of SaaS-based delivery.

Address: 9750 3rd Avenue NE, Suite 310, Seattle, WA 98115, USA
Phone: +1 206-209-2181

SPIE (formerly Systemat Digital Hub)

eG Innovations partners with SPIE for unified Citrix monitoring.

Following the integration of the Systemat Group, SPIE is now strategically positioned to offer IT solutions and managed services for the ICT market in Belgium and Luxembourg. Merging both technical and digital solutions, SPIE is focused on delivering optimal workspace experiences enabling customers to access their business data and applications in a simple, flexible, efficient and safe way.

With eG Innovations, SPIE now has a reliable partner offering unified Citrix monitoring solution to help their EUC customers achieve digital workspace success. After using eG Enterprise, the IT team at SPIE have achieved reduced IT support cost and have been able to optimize their infrastructure for maximum performance.

Wilfried Landsheer
We have no more frustrations because now we know where the problem is, and the root cause of issues is detected in minutes. With the eG Enterprise performance monitoring suite we deliver a robust and reliable environment that guarantees maximum uptime and user satisfaction.Wilfried Landsheer Director, Systemat Digital Hub  |  View Case Study »

Address: Chaussée de Louvain 431C -1380 Lasne, Belgium
Phone: +32 2-352-8311




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