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With the increasing focus on digital transformation in enterprises and the advent of new technology landscapes such as VDI, BYOD, hyper-converged infrastructures, and cloud- and container-driven deployments, managed service providers (MSPs) can no longer rely on traditional IT monitoring approaches that focus on CPU, memory and disk utilization metrics. User experience takes center stage in today's digital economy, and ensuring high availability and peak performance of business applications is a critical measure of an MSP's success.

eG Innovations' flagship solution, eG Enterprise, is purpose-built for service providers to monitor today's dynamic, heterogeneous and hybrid IT environments. Its converged application and infrastructure monitoring approach delivers end-to-end performance visibility and actionable insights to help solve IT challenges faster.

  • Expand Service Offerings with eG Enterprise:
  • Leverage MSP monitoring to expand your offerings beyond traditional IT solutions. Offer comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities, including performance, availability, and user experience monitoring across diverse IT environments such as cloud, virtualized, and hybrid infrastructures.

MSP Monitoring Tools and Software from eG Innovations
  • Application-Centric IT Monitoring for Proactive Insights:
  • Employ an application-centric monitoring approach to offer your tenants proactive insights into their IT infrastructure's performance and its impact on critical applications. Gain a deeper understanding of the end-user experience, enabling proactive measures to optimize performance and prevent potential issues before they affect business operations.

  • Transition Services from a Cost Center to a Revenue Center:
  • Deliver significant and measurable cost savings to your tenants, transforming services from a cost center into a revenue-generating entity. Showcase tangible ROI through improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and optimized resource utilization to position yourself as a strategic partner that adds substantial value to customers' businesses.

  • Accelerate Business Evolution to Value Provider and Trusted Advisor:
  • Empower your business to evolve beyond being a traditional service provider into a value strategic insight and become instrumental in optimizing tenants’ IT infrastructure, driving innovation, and guiding them towards achieving their business objectives. Solidify your position as a trusted partner, fostering long-term relationships built on mutual success and collaboration.

Because of eG Enterprise, I'm not stuck having to put out fires all day. I can spend my time going out and getting new business or talking with customers, just seeing how they're doing, rather than trying to fix a problem.

Jacob AckermanCTO, SkyLink Data Centers

MSP Software: Why eG Enterprise is the
Platform of Choice for MSPs

Full Stack IT Monitoring: User Experience, Application, & Infrastructure – All from a Single Console

  • Track your customers' digital journey and proactively detect user experience issues before business impact
  • Trace business transactions and isolate the cause of application slowdowns
  • Gain code-level insights to identify inefficient application code and slow database queries
  • Get deep-dive visibility into all infrastructure components and understand their relationship with the customer-facing application
  • Visualize your entire service topology and automatically diagnose the root cause of application slowness
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True End-to-End Visibility: Every Layer, Every Tier

eG Enterprise is designed to support a wide array or devices and platforms. Monitor infrastructures on any on-premises, cloud, container and hybrid IT environment.

  • 500+ applications including Citrix, SAP, SharePoint, PeopleSoft, VMware Horizon, Exchange, Java, and .NET
  • 10+ operating systems including Windows, Linux, and UNIX
  • 10+ server virtualization platforms including VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, Nutanix Acropolis, RHEV, and more
  • Public cloud such as Microsoft Azure and AWS
  • 20+ storage devices including Dell EMC, HPE, IBM, NetApp, PureStorage, Nimble, etc.
  • Any SNMP-enabled or NetFlow-enabled network device
MSP Monitoring Software: eG Enterprise
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The Power of Automation, Alerting and Analytics

  • Automate all aspects of IT performance management – infrastructure discovery, monitoring, problem diagnosis, alerting, reporting – from a single console
  • Speed up IT troubleshooting with automated infrastructure dependency mapping and root cause diagnosis
  • Leverage built-in control actions to automate problem remediation
  • Simplify performance alerting with intelligent auto-baselines
  • Use out-of-the-box analytics capabilities to track trends, correlate events, forecast capacity needs, and improve SLA adherence
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Deliver Cost Savings Through Infrastructure Optimization

  • Determine where and when resources need to be added to allow your customers' infrastructure to scale to support additional workloads
  • Predict usage and performance trends for proactive capacity planning
  • Get actionable insights for infrastructure right-sizing and optimization
  • eG Enterprise's pay-per-use licensing models helps you scale according to your customer's infrastructure needs
  • Leverage a wealth of built-in reports for historical analysis, auditing and management reporting

Simplified Management of Multi-Tenant Environments

  • Simplify the management of IT infrastructure across multiple tenants with MSP monitoring from a single console, reducing complexity and saving time by eliminating the need to log in to different consoles for each tenant.
  • Provide your tenants with secure, limited access to view only their own IT infrastructure, ensuring data privacy and security for all customers.
  • Utilize standardized reports to deliver consistent reporting to all your tenants, reducing the time and effort required to generate multiple separate reports, and ensuring uniform information delivery.
  • Automatic tenant provisioning and configuration by leveraging pre-defined monitoring templates for efficient setup.

MSP-Friendly Architecture

eG Enterprise is completely scalable, and future-proofed for any size and any type of IT environment. Service providers can choose an on-premises deployment or a subscription-based monitoring-as-a-service (MaaS) model to monitor remote customer deployments.

MSP Software: eG Enterprise
How eG Enterprise monitor Multi-tenant MSP environments
Key Highlights
  • Multi-tenant
  • Secure
  • 100% web-based
  • Agent/agentless monitoring
  • Scalable for large & distributed networks
  • On-premises and SaaS deployment options
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Historical reporting and analytics
  • White labeled with custom branding
  • Pay-as-you-go licensing (server/user-based)

Harness the Power of MSP Network Monitoring

eG Enterprise empowers MSPs to thrive in today's demanding IT landscape. Its comprehensive end-to-end visibility, robust automation, and cost-saving optimization ensures the delivery of exceptional service. Furthermore, eG Enterprise simplifies multi-tenant management through a centralized console and standardized reporting. This reduces complexity, saves time, and ensures data security.

Automated tenant onboarding and offboarding further streamline operations. With eG Enterprise, you gain the scalability and flexibility to grow your business while maintaining profitability and a competitive edge.

Make the smart choice – unlock the full potential with proactive MSP monitoring.

12 ways in which eG Enterprise meets with today's MSP monitoring requirements

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  • Works on cloud environments, hybrid cloud setups and on-premises deployments
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  • Suitable for monitoring cloud applications, digital workspaces and IT infrastructures
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