Kubernetes monitoring: cluster, pods, nodes, applications and more

Get telemetry from across your Kubernetes cluster, nodes and pod deployments, along with code-level visibility of applications running inside your containers. eG Enterprise correlates performance metrics from your IT infrastructure and applications to pin-point the root-cause of slowdowns and bottlenecks.

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for your Kubernetes ecosystem

Kubernetes is taking the world by storm. Modern applications are built on the microservices architecture with containers as the means for deployment and operation of application components and Kubernetes as the platform for orchestration, to automate and manage container provisioning. The performance of these distributed and elastic applications depends on how the container orchestration is set up and how resources are provisioned dynamically to support automatic scaling, based on business need.

eG Enterprise is an enterprise-class, converged application and IT monitoring solution that provides unified performance visibility into the Kubernetes orchestration environment, the containers provisioned, and workloads running on them.

  • From a central console get telemetry from across your Kubernetes cluster, nodes, and pod deployments
  • Understand resource usage and capacity needs to futureproof container provisioning
  • Obtain code-level visibility of applications running inside the containers
  • Get correlated insight to identify root cause of performance bottlenecks
  • Automate monitoring in your auto-scaling Kubernetes environment

Without having to install any agent/probe on the Kubernetes nodes,
eG Enterprise leverages Kubernetes APIs to agentlessly monitor the entire Kube cluster.

Next generation monitoring solution for your Kubernetes ecosystem
Docker container monitoring
How eG Enterprise monitors kubernetes environments

eG Enterprise for Kubernetes monitoring

Kubernetes monitoring solution

eG Enterprise provides application and infrastructure monitoring to give you a unified performance visibility into the Kubernetes orchestration environment, the containers provisioned and the workloads running on them:

  • Get a cluster-level overview of pods, deployments, CPU, and memory allocation
  • Monitor the Kubernetes control plane – API server, controller manager, etcd, and scheduler
  • Understand resource usage patterns and determine how much additional workload can be deployed per node
  • Use synthetic simulation and real-user monitoring to measure the end-user experience of users accessing your applications
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In-depth visibility into the Kubernetes cluster

  • Get a cluster-level overview of pods, deployments, CPU, and memory allocation
  • Monitor the master node and all worker nodes in a Kube cluster
  • For each node, monitor pod allocation image usage, CPU, and memory allocation and utilization
  • Track all namespaces associated with the cluster and monitor the activation status, age and pod, and service association for each namespace
Kubernetes monitoring solution

Monitoring the Kubernetes control plane

The Kubernetes control plane is one of the key elements to monitor in the Kubernetes environment. The control plane runs on the master node and is composed of 4 critical services: API server, controller manager, etcd, and scheduler.

eG Enterprise monitors the status of all these critical services and alerts you to service failures. Also drill down to see specific messages and notifications for each service to help understand failures.

Monitor all cluster events from one place: container, pod, node, deployment, DaemonSet, image, image manager, pod worker, jobs, scheduler, load balancer, and so on.

Kubernetes monitoring tool

Track resource provisioning, availability and usage to support container creation

  • For each pod in a namespace, track pod readiness and schedule, and CPU and memory allocation and utilization
  • Understand resource usage patterns and determine how much additional workload can be deployed per node
  • For each DaemonSet in a namespace, monitor DaemonSet availability on nodes, missed scheduled, details of pods, and nodes running the DaemonSet
  • Monitor application services associated to each namespace and track their status, service type age, and which pods are connected to each service
  • Get alerted to failed jobs, failed pods, and longest running jobs
Kubernetes monitoring tools

Monitoring the performance and user experience of containerized applications

  • Automatically discover and manage microservices running on Kubernetes-provisioned containers
  • Track health, availability, and performance metrics for applications
  • Leverage distributed transaction tracing and identify slowness in accessing business transactions
  • Gain code-level visibility of web applications and debug errors before the application moves to production
  • Using a combination of synthetic simulation and real user monitoring, measure user experience of users accessing the applications
Kubernetes monitoring

Monitoring docker containers

In context of Kubernetes operations, eG Enterprise provides visibility of the Docker hosts and containers provisioned on them automatically.

  • Track the container lifecycle state from creation to deletion; know which containers are running, stopped, and paused
  • Monitor Docker services and events, and get alerted to any anomalies
  • Measure CPU, memory, and disk utilization of every Docker container, and get alerted to high usage levels
  • Obtain granular visibility into the Host's resource availability and utilization: disk space, disk activity, I/O waits, memory, swap, and inodes
  • Monitor the images mapped and not mapped to containers
Container Performance Assurance

Answer key performance questions about Kubernetes

  • How is the health and availability of the Kubernetes Deployment?
  • Are all Master Node services running as expected?
  • Are there any failed Container images while pulling from the image repository?
  • What is the overall view of the Cluster in terms of Pod allocation, Deployment status, CPU, and memory allocation?
  • Are DaemonSets unavailable on any Nodes?
  • What is the status of Namespaces and Services? Are they properly mapped to their corresponding Pods?
Kubernetes performance monitoring

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