Docker performance monitoring simplified

Get full visibility into your Docker containers, the applications that are running in them and the underlying infrastructure the containers are running on. eG Enterprise provides end-to-end visibility to identify and correlate performance issues within the infrastructure and application.

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eG Enterprise is an enterprise-class, converged application and IT monitoring solution that provides unified performance visibility into Docker containers and the applications and databases running on them.

Whether you are using Docker for modern app development, microservices, CI/CD, digital transformation, DevOps, or edge computing, eG Enterprise delivers the performance visibility needed to assure success of your IT initiatives.

  • From a central console, get telemetry from across your container environment
  • Understand resource usage and capacity needs to futureproof container provisioning
  • Obtain code-level visibility of applications running inside Docker containers
  • Get correlated insight to identify root cause of performance bottlenecks
  • Automate monitoring in your auto-scaling Docker environment
Docker monitoring
Docker container monitoring
How eG Enterprise monitors Docker environments

Without having to touch the Docker image or modify any run commands, eG Enterprise tracks the entire container lifecycle from container creation to deletion.

eG Enterprise for Docker monitoring

eG Enterprise provides you with comprehensive Docker monitoring without the need to interact with the Docker image or modify any run commands.

  • Track which containers have been created and removed, and which are running, stopped and paused
  • Detect capacity issues and see where there are not enough hardware resources for your Docker containers
  • Use transaction tracing to identify bottlenecks impacting the end-user experience
  • Resource utilization trends and historical analytics help forecast future capacity requirements
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Get alerted to bottlenecks in Docker performance

  • Know how long each container has been up and whether it has been restarted
  • Get details of containers being added and removed; track which containers are running, stopped and paused
  • Isolate containers that are large in size and ones that have not been started for a long time
  • Track container events in real time: create, delete, start, stop and die events
  • Monitor if the Docker service is installed and loaded and continuously track the service status
Container monitoring

Detect capacity issues and resource insufficiencies

eG Enterprise provides out-of-the-box cloud monitor support for applications and services running on the public cloud including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

  • Monitor CPU, memory and disk utilization of every Docker container and get alerted to high usage levels
  • Monitor the images mapped and not mapped to containers
  • Drill down to see which images are taking more disk space and how long ago they were created
  • Monitor the processes running on the Docker Host and their CPU and memory utilization
  • Get alerted if the data space usage and metadata space usage exceeds threshold levels
  • Obtain granular visibility into the Host's resource availability and utilization: disk space, disk activity, I/O waits, memory, swap and inodes
Docker performance monitoring

Monitoring the performance and user experience of containerized applications

  • Get health, availability and performance metrics for applications running on the Docker containers
  • Leverage distributed transaction tracing and identify slowness in accessing business transactions
  • Gain code-level visibility of web applications and debug errors before the application moves to production
  • Using a combination of synthetic simulation and real user monitoring, measure user experience of users accessing the applications
Transaction tracing in container environments

Monitoring the Kubernetes platform

In context of Docker containers, eG Enterprise provides visibility of the container orchestration platform, Kubernetes.

  • Monitor the key services on the Kubernetes Master: API server, scheduler, controller manager, and etcd
  • Get detailed performance insight of Kubernetes nodes, pod allocation, CPU and memory allocation, image usage and deployment status
  • Understand resource usage patterns and determine how much additional workload can be deployed per node
  • Monitor jobs, pods, deployments and daemonsets by namespaces and get alerted to performance and capacity bottlenecks
Kubernetes monitoring

Answer key performance questions

  • Is the Docker host available and working as expected?
  • How much host OS resources (CPU, memory, disk) are utilized by the containers?
  • What all images are available? Which ones are mapped to what containers? Which ones are not mapped to any container?
  • What processes are running in each Docker container and how much resources are consumed by them?
  • Is the Docker Engine service running as expected?
Container Performance Assurance

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