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Go beyond IT monitoring. Get observability. Leverage intelligent analytics and AIOps capabilities to optimize your IT operations. Provide insights that non-IT stakeholders need about modern IT environments.

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Organizations in all verticals, regardless of size, are relying on IT more than before. Modern IT supports hybrid workstyles, unified communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, Cloud and containerized technologies and SaaS applications. IT operational processes and models are also changing. Organizations are focusing on tools and processes that make IT management repeatable, predictable and auditable, without relying on experts. There is emphasis on technologies that are accessible from anywhere, automation of routine tasks, and a focus on monitoring security and costs.

From Monitoring to Observability

Modern IT requires specialized monitoring for these new technologies, augmented with AIOps technologies for detecting anomalies, discovering inter-dependencies, identifying the root-cause of problems, etc. This is why observability is essential.

eG Enterprise is a complete observability solution for modern IT. From virtual desktops to physical endpoints, from web applications to legacy apps, from physical machines to containers in the cloud, monitor all modern and legacy applications from one console. AIOps technologies embedded in eG Enterprise ensure that organizations can embrace secure, modern and efficient best practices and implement them through their digital transformation journey.

What eG Enterprise Delivers

  • Ensure that IT teams deliver what their business expects from them: reliable and highly performing critical IT services.
  • Track business events and outcomes, customer and employee experiences rather than IT systems.
  • Deliver insights that go beyond IT performance for different stakeholders (e.g., security vulnerabilities, cost control, optimization, etc).
  • Achieve operational efficiency by eliminating finger-pointing and enhancing the productivity of IT staff.
  • Enable repeatable processes and avoid dependency on a few experts.
  • Go beyond IT monitoring; AIOps capabilities ensure that IT teams are several steps ahead of their users.

Specialized, Multi-Vendor
Digital Workspace Monitoring

eG Enterprise is the leading enterprise solution for digital workspace monitoring. Whether you are using Citrix, VMware Horizon, AWS WorkSpaces / AppStream, or Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, we have you covered! Get a consistent set of dashboards and reports across these technologies.

  • Monitor user experience using synthetic and real user monitoring.
  • Track key remote access protocol statistics for HDX, Blast, PCoIP, WSP and NICE DCV.
  • Go beyond native tools - Citrix Director, Azure Monitor and VMware vROps; Offer end-to-end insights into the service delivery chain.
  • Provide ready-to-use, customizable dashboards and reports that address the top requirements of digital workspace admins.
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eG Innovations absolutely understands the concept of observability and the tools and processes involved in delivering on that concept. It has a deep understanding of an end-user’s digital journey and its impact on business outcomes.

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Converged Application and Infrastructure Monitoring
to End “My application is slow” Complaints

Today’s toughest IT problem is determining why an application is slow: Is it due to the network, or the database, or the application, or the cloud? eG Enterprise makes it simple to resolve application issues.

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Gain Visibility into Enterprise and SaaS Applications
that are Critical for Your Business

When a key enterprise ERP/CRM system or a SaaS application such as Microsoft 365 or SAP stops working or is slow, it directly impacts users' productivity.

  • Monitor the performance of key applications and SaaS from multiple locations with specialized synthetic monitors.
  • Get unparalleled insights into every layer and every tier of the business service under your control.
  • Get alerted to issues with SaaS; Escalate to your service provider quickly.

Integrated, Unified Monitoring Provides a Single Pane of Glass

Stop shuffling between different tools to monitor your IT infrastructure and applications. Consolidate your monitoring with a single pane of glass view of the entire IT landscape.

  • Monitor legacy and modern infrastructures from one console.
  • Move from silo to collaborative management and increase IT efficiency.
  • Empower IT help desks to triage problems quickly and accurately.
  • Provide personalized views to different stakeholders and facilitate collaborative monitoring and troubleshooting to reduce MTTR and increase IT performance.
  • Get proactive alerts when time-varying, auto-computed baselines of metrics are violated.

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  • Works on cloud environments, hybrid-cloud setups and on-premises deployments
  • Deploy eG Enterprise using our SaaS platform or on-premises
  • Suitable for monitoring applications, digital workspaces and IT infrastructures
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