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Converged Application and Infrastructure Monitoring

End-to-end performance visibility from code to hardware

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Converged Application and Infrastructure Monitoring

Application owners, IT pros and executives agree that whether it is internal systems or customer-facing web applications, the digital user experience drives business today. No single factor is more important. But when there is a performance slowdown, this is where the agreement ends and challenges begin. Without a truly unified and holistic view of all factors—across applications and the infrastructure—that affect the user experience, you are effectively flying blind.

eG Enterprise is an industry-first truly converged application performance monitoring and infrastructure monitoring solution that delivers unparalleled monitoring reach across user experience, business transactions, application and the supporting infrastructure – all from a single console.




Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

No matter what computing environment, operating system mix, and application or service workload, we just leave it to eG Enterprise, and we know we will meet our performance expectations.

Marc Berliner
Systems Director, DTCC


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