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Get unified monitoring of 20+ storage device types from one console. Monitor all aspects of storage performance – hardware, physical disks, LUNs, controllers, HBAs. Proactive alerts help resolve issues quickly.

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Storage Monitoring

With the wide-spread adoption of virtualization and big data, storage has become a key element of IT infrastructures. A slowdown or failure of the storage tier causes key applications to fail and in turn, affects the business.

eG Enterprise storage monitor is a unified monitoring, diagnosis, and reporting solution for your storage infrastructure. From a central web console, administrators can monitor all of their storage devices and can correlate storage performance with the other tiers. This way, they can detect and fix situations when storage is the cause of a performance bottleneck.


Many of the tiers of an IT infrastructure depend on storage. Hence, when a slowdown happens administrators have to determine whether the slowdown is due to storage or the other tiers.

Even when a problem is storage-related, further diagnosis is a challenge. Disk failure, bottlenecks in the SAN switches, excessive I/O activity on a specific logical unit (LUN), etc. can cause performance issues. In-memory storage caching adds another layer that has to be considered. To keep the infrastructure performing well, administrators must proactively detect issues, pin-point the cause of the problem, and initiate corrective action.

eG Innovations Performance Management Overview

eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

Mike Montano Senior Manager, Allscripts


Unified Storage Monitoring, Diagnosis and Reporting

  • Broad coverage - Dell EqualLogic, IBM DS RAID, HP EVA, HP 3PAR, EMC VNX and Clariion,Hitachi AMS and USP, and any SMI-S compliant storage device
  • Deep visibility into storage sub-system components: fiber channel switches, host ports, controllers, LUNs, physical disks, caches, enclosures, and hosts
  • Simplifies problem diagnosis by correlating storage performance with that of other infrastructure tiers
  • Historical trends, baselines, and reports to help right-size the current infrastructure and plan for future growth

What the eG SAN Monitoring Reveals

  • Has any temperature sensor failed or is reporting an abnormal value?
  • Are the fans operating normally in the enclosure and on the controller?
  • Has any power supply unit failed or is about to fail?
  • Is any controller utilizing CPU resources excessively?
  • Has any fiber channel port failed or is about to fail?

Isolate Storage Performance Bottlenecks

  • Are all device ports, physical disks, disk groups, LUNs, and controllers healthy and performing normally?
  • Is the I/O traffic on any disk group abnormally high?
  • Is any physical disk experiencing slowdowns during read/write operations?
  • Which external host is responsible for the maximum number of requests?
  • Does the disk array have many outstanding requests to be processed?

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