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eG Enterprise is a comprehensive IT performance monitoring and management solution for enterprise IT environments. From a single-pane-of-glass, IT administrators can monitor all aspects of the infrastructure – servers, applications, virtualization, network, storage – whether they are deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

With monitoring dashboards for each infrastructure component, correlated performance insights, automatic root cause diagnosis, built-in reports, and recommendations for analytics and optimization, eG Enterprise is a single-source solution to make IT infrastructure management effective and efficient.

Infrastructure Management with eG Enterprise

Unified Monitoring

eG Enterprise allows you to manage your entire IT infrastructure from a single web-based console, eliminating the need to toggle between multiple tools and management consoles—one for application, one for storage, yet another for network, and so on.

IT Infrastructure Management Tools
  • Proactively detect outages, downtime, resource bottlenecks, performance abnormalities, errors, and configuration changes
  • Get deep performance visibility and actionable insights for troubleshooting and service restoration
  • Track resource utilization trends, application activity, and user behavior over time, for capacity planning and performance optimization
  • Use a combination of agent-based and agentless monitoring approaches to monitor all components of your IT infrastructure
  • Easily add additional monitors for custom applications and devices, using an intuitive integration console
  • Streamline IT operations with incident management, leveraging eG Enterprise’s native integration with leading service desk solutions (ServiceNow, ManageEngine, and more)

With eG Enterprise, more than 70% of the time we can respond to an event and resolve the issue before the customer engages support. That results in about a 15 to 20% cost avoidance for us. eG Enterprise drastically improves our performance from an SLA standpoint.

John McDonaldDirector of Support, Allscripts

Key Capabilities

Improve IT Efficiency through Automation

  • Automatically discover all your servers, network devices, storage arrays, virtualized infrastructures, applications, databases, and cloud instances
  • Dynamically generate service topology maps of your entire infrastructure with cross-tier inter-dependencies and application relationships
  • Automatically correlate performance across all infrastructure tiers to isolate the root cause of problems (storage hotspots that affect database performance, under-provisioned VM that affects application performance, network connectivity that affects VDI service, inefficient application code that affects user experience, etc.)
IT Infrastructure Management Tools

Reduce Noise with Intelligent Alerting

  • eG Enterprise employs machine learning to automatically baseline the infrastructure and set up dynamic baseline thresholds for precise and reliable performance alerting
  • Dependency-aware, cross-tier root cause diagnosis, plus intelligent alert suppression and severity assignment (color-coded for easy diagnosis) make alerts much more meaningful
  • Composite farm-wide alerts, aggregate alerts, and multi-condition alerts cut down on noise and false positives
eG Enterprise: Infrastructure Management Tools

Speed Up Troubleshooting with Automated Control Actions

eG Enterprise provides a host of built-in control actions to simplify triage and troubleshooting:

  • Automatically restart stopped services and kill runaway processes
  • Remotely reboot servers while applying patches or any system administration activity
  • Extend the out-of-the-box capabilities of eG Enterprise using custom scripts and commands to embed your organization’s best practices
  • Maintain in-product knowledge repository of troubleshooting tips or information about frequently occurring problems, and automatically view it in context when the problem resurfaces
Infrastructure Management using eG Enterprise

Track Configuration Changes and Avoid Service Downtime

  • Determine how a configuration change influenced overall performance of the system, application or service
  • Compare configuration across infrastructure components to identify misconfigurations and errors
  • Detect unplanned/unauthorized configuration changes and mitigate security risks
  • Simplify issue diagnosis and troubleshooting with correlated visibility of configuration change and performance impact
Infrastructure Management using eG Enterprise

Optimize the Infrastructure for Better Performance

  • Track resource utilization trends of servers, VMs, storage, etc. to predict when they will run out of capacity
  • Easily identify under-provisioned and over-provisioned hosts and right-size them for optimum performance
  • Get actionable insights on resource consumption versus availability, and determine when to add hardware (compute, storage, disk, network, etc.)
  • Leverage out-of-the-box reports, historical analytics, recommendations and actionable insights to manage infrastructure performance
eG Enterprise: Infrastructure Management Tool

Enterprise-Wide Performance Monitoring, from a Single Console

eG Enterprise delivers unified performance visibility into multi-vendor devices and heterogeneous platforms. Monitor every layer and every tier of your IT infrastructure from a single pane of glass, diagnose performance issues, uncover the root cause, and get actionable insights for highly efficient performance management.

eG Enterprise provides unparalleled monitoring reach with support for 500+ enterprise applications, 10+ virtualization platforms, 20+ storage devices and 10+ operating systems. Supported modern infrastructures include hyper-converged platforms, Citrix, desktop virtualization, public cloud, and more. Easily extend monitoring for any custom application or device.

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IT Infrastructure Management

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