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Digital Performance Matters

In today’s digital economy, ensuring a great digital customer experience is vital in retail and eCommerce. Customers expect applications, online services, and websites to be fast, available, and secure. The quality of a customer’s digital experience directly impacts reputation, brand, loyalty, and market share and ultimately revenues.

  • Speed matters. If an eCommerce application loads slowly or experiences errors, it will translate into loss of business, abandoned shopping carts and the customer may well switch to another website – possibly your competitor’s.
  • A 1-second delay in page response can result in 7% reduction in conversions. If an e-commerce site is making $100,000/day, a 1-second delay could potentially cost the site $2.5 million in lost sales annually.
  • 79% shoppers who are dissatisfied by website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again. This leaves your brand, reputation and revenue negatively affected.

Whether it is a custom web application, eCommerce site, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) application, mobile application, or a packaged enterprise application such as SAP, Siebel, or SharePoint, ensuring high performance and user experience in production defines the success of the application and the success of your business.

Proactively Protect your Customers’ Experience

eG Enterprise is designed to ensure IT (Information Technology) and application issues are detected early and proactively before any customers encounter a problem.

At the core of eG Enterprise is an AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for Operations) engine with patented machine learning technologies that continually analyses, correlates, and learns about your applications and infrastructure.

eG Enterprise is configured out of the box to proactively alert admins to failures, issues, slowdowns, and anomalous patterns before your customers experience problems, or any business impacts occur.

Understand Your Customers Digital Retail Journey

eG Enterprise probes online store interactions end-to-end, in real time to provide total visibility into the customer experience. You can drill down to view an individual customer’s interactions with a site or inspect aggregated performance metrics and data for specific demographics or geographies of customers to compare the experience of different user groups.

Gain insights into your customers so you can offer personalized experiences and services while ensuring your infrastructure and staff can support demand surges during busy holiday periods.

Total Insight of Front-end, Back-end and Code-level Stacks

eG Enterprise can identify slow-loading web pages and site functionality errors with deep insight into the frontend and backend application code and any third-party services leveraged with a full suite of APM (Application Performance Monitoring) capabilities.

Application technologies supported include PHP, .NET, Java, Node.js. And the technology stacks used to deploy and host them such as JVM (Java Virtual Machine), Application servers (Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere) and so on.

Ensure Your Help Desk and Staff have the Tools
to Offer Great Customer Service

Beyond APM (Application Performance Monitoring) of your online apps, web fleets and eCommerce sites, eG Enterprise supports the IT technologies that retail organizations use. Customers use us to as a single pane of glass for vital infrastructure and applications, including:

  • Containers, microservices and associated orchestration frameworks including Kubernetes and Docker

Our transaction tracing technology can also highlight slowness in third-party services that online sales may depend on such as payment gateways and geo-location and address mapping services. And customers also use eG Enterprise to track performance at remote branch locations.

Supporting Global Commerce 24x7

Online and global businesses trade 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and need to adjust to fluctuating demand and customer purchasing patterns. eG Enterprise is designed to deal with the technologies our customers use to scale up and down to meet demand and failover architectures and includes auto-scale and auto-deployment technologies to ensure we scale with your auto-scaled technologies without manual intervention. The deep insights we provide on seasonality enable you to optimize your costs.

eG Enterprise Cloud is currently delivered out of several geographic AWS regions, including Australia, Singapore, Europe (Germany), and USA. This enables customers to comply with regional government and industry regulatory requirements, such as the European GDPR, and the Australian Privacy Act. All data is secured within the customers’ AWS region of choice. Our enterprise support packages include in-region support and 24x7 follow the sun support from our network of global support offices.

If you're looking for a monitoring tool with APM (business transaction monitoring, real user monitoring), infrastructure and network monitoring capabalities and you want to get quick results, eG Enterprise is the right tool for you. In addition, you don't need much human resources for the implementation and maintenance.

Lior WeinsteinSystem Team Leader, Shufersal

Case Studies

APM Monitoring for KedronUK

Learn how a leading beverage company used eG Enterprise to resolve issues with the ERP system for its online and mail order processing and dispatch platform, which were thought to relate to the backend database. The site runs on Microsoft Dynamics AX with a SQL Server relational database management system and additional bespoke code.

Proactive IT Monitoring to Address Critical IT Challenges

Worldwide eBay call center agents use Citrix application virtualization technologies to support vendors and millions of customers. eBay uses eG Enterprise to protect and optimize that vital call center functionality.

Automated Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring for Fast Problem Remediation

Shufersal is Israel’s largest supermarket chain, with more than 300 stores and revenues of over 3 billion US$. Tightly integrated with AWS CloudWatch, eG Enterprise enables Shufersal to track the digital experience of applications hosted in the cloud, analyze application workloads, and correlate them with the performance of the IT infrastructure – all from a single pane of glass.

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