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Proactively monitor, diagnose, and report on Node.js application performance with eG Enterprise. Ensure optimal performance and reliability of the Node.js engine. Get full visibility into your entire Node.js stack to identify performance bottlenecks from code to underlying infrastructure.

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Why Monitor Node.js Applications?

Along with Java and Microsoft .NET, Node.js is one of the most popular platforms for developing and supporting applications. As businesses and organizations have moved to deliver services online, user experience has become the key performance indicator of web performance. At the same time, when performance issues occur, IT operations must collaborate with development teams to determine "Why is the application slow?".

As organizations leverage increasingly sophisticated infrastructures to deliver Node.js applications, the ability of the monitoring platform to provide correlated insights from code-level, the V8 JavaScript engine and up into infrastructures such as Kubernetes, Clouds such as Azure and Web Servers becomes key to delivering essential web services successfully.

What eG Enterprise offers for Node.js Monitoring

Provides Complete Visibility into Node.js Application Performance

  • Auto-discovery and rich topology maps enable developers and IT administrators to understand architectures and interdependencies
  • Automatically detects and visualizes your web application and its dependencies end to end, including websites, applications, containers, infrastructure and cloud
  • Designed for cloud and auto scaling environments where components are rapidly created, deployed and destroyed, making it well suited to microservices environments
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards with intelligent clickthrough cover all aspects of applications and infrastructure
  • Support for over 200 technologies stacks enable you to monitor your applications and infrastructure end-to-end whether that be on-premises or via Azure, AWS or other clouds

Monitoring User Experience for Node.js Applications

  • Use synthetic monitoring to get 24x7 view of performance of key applications and be alerted proactively to problems
  • Monitor real-user experience without needing to instrument client devices. Track page load times, JavaScript errors, and Apdex scores overall and for each transaction
  • Compare page load times across browsers and versions
  • Benchmark performance and detect workload changes and performance variations across new releases of the application
  • Detect user experience issues in real-time: report on pages affected, locations impacted, and more
  • Monitoring and out-of-the-box alerting covers Apdex score, user satisfaction, CPU and memory usage, Network traffic, TCP requests and retransmissions and all requests and dependencies

In-depth Monitoring of the Node.js V8 JavaScript Engine

eG Enterprise monitoring covers your entire Node.js stack. Just as Java application monitoring must include monitoring of the JVM/JRE and the application code, Node.js monitoring must include monitoring for the V8 engine and the JavaScript application code. eG Enterprise monitoring of the V8 JavaScript engines tracks heap memory, garbage collection, event loop processing and suspension metrics.

With eG Enterprise, you can proactively and continual monitoring of the health of the V8 JavaScript engine is integrated with built-in out-of-the-box alerting.

  • For key resource usage metrics such as CPU usage and memory usage, drilldowns help identify the problematic JavaScript (JS) function(s).
  • Closely track the performance of the event loop and get alerts when the event loop lag is high.
  • Easily identify the application that takes time to return control to the event loop.
  • Track V8 engine uptime and report on any unusual restarts.
  • Track Node.js worker threads and report CPU used, GCs performed and memory used by each thread.
  • Monitor Node.js clusters and see resource usage for each worker node.

Monitoring Node.js Applications

  • Measure Node.js application code performance with application-level transaction details including per URL drilldowns and transaction details for each and every access to web and e-Commerce sites
  • Automatic inspection and continual monitoring of database queries and database performance. Use the Slow SQL Queries feature to identify queries that are taking excessive or abnormal time to execute. All major database technologies including MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more supported
  • Distributed Transaction Flow analysis leverages a tag-and-follow technique to trace transactions across multiple tiers – Node.js and other (Java, PHP, .NET) APM tiers
  • Additional contextual information capture. For example, when monitoring an e-Commerce website, details of what products are viewed and what are the most searched products, etc. are captured
  • Code level exceptions are tracked and captured including comprehensive exception details
  • Comprehensive live and historical out-of-the-box Node.js reports cover all aspects of business transactions in an application including: Health Trend, Load Response vs Time Analysis, Unique User / Session and more

Nodejs Monitoring: Technologies and Platforms Supported

nodejs Frameworks

Intelligent Automated Thresholding Alerting and Pinpoint Root-cause Diagnosis

eG Enterprise is a modern monitoring platform built upon an enterprise grade AIOps engine leveraging machine learning technologies, capable of processing and correlating millions of data points for even the largest of deployments and enterprises.

  • Auto-discovery and auto-deployment technologies ensure monitoring scales up and down with your applications and infrastructure, ensuring alerting is automatically configured without manual intervention
  • Intelligent thresholding learns about hour-by-hour, day-by-day and longer seasonal patterns to ensure early warning anomaly detection occurs without the burden of alert storms
  • Top-to-Bottom, end-to-end correlation of alerts ensures accurate root-cause diagnosis
  • Automated remediation of well-understood issues
  • Domain intelligent alerts and dashboards with easy-to-use color-coded overlays guide helpdesk operators and administrators to true root-causes avoiding unnecessary escalations to developers

Learn more about eG Enterprise AIOps capabilities: AIOps Tools – 8 Proactive Monitoring Tips | eG Innovations

APM for the Enterprise

eG Enterprise is a modern monitoring platform built upon an enterprise grade AIOps engine leveraging machine learning technologies, capable of processing and correlating millions of data points for even the largest of deployments and enterprises.

  • eG Enterprise Cloud is currently delivered out of several geographic AWS regions, including Australia, Singapore, Europe (Germany), and USA. This enables customers to comply with regional government and industry regulatory requirements. All data is secured within the customers’ AWS region of choice. Our enterprise support packages include in-region support and 24x7 follow the sun support.
  • On-premises, in-the-cloud and ready-to-go SaaS options for deployment

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  • Works on cloud environments, hybrid cloud setups and on-premises deployments
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  • Suitable for monitoring cloud applications, digital workspaces and IT infrastructures
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