Synthetic Monitoring for Any Business Application

Robotic checks run from any location, against any application to detect application SLA issues. Includes protocol-level tests, browser simulations, pre-built logon simulators and simulation of thick and thin client applications.

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Measure User Experience and
Application Performance Proactively

End-user satisfaction and productivity are the ultimate measures of application performance. By continuously monitoring the end-user experience, IT managers can be alerted to times when users experience poor performance, slowdowns, or outages.

Many modern applications have built-in instrumentation to track and report key performance metrics. This passive monitoring approach is not effective when users are not actively using the applications or when instrumentation is not available (for example, legacy applications and custom applications). Therefore, a Synthetic monitoring approach is needed to actively and continuously test business transactions and preemptively identify problems.

eG Enterprise: Synthetic Monitoring Tool
eG Enterprise: Synthetic Monitoring Tool

What is synthetic monitoring?
Synthetic monitoring uses software robots to actively simulate user transactions to IT applications and measure their availability and responsiveness. Continuous simulation helps detect application availability and response time problems proactively and allows administrators to correct them before users notice.

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring Capabilities
of eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise includes a wide range of synthetic monitoring capabilities that cater to a number of use cases:

Four Approaches to Synthetic Monitoring
  • Protocol simulation: This is ideal for simple simulation of protocol requests (HTTP, SMTP, ICA, SQL etc.) to target systems and applications, and observing their responses.
  • Web app simulation: To support multiple step transactions that include form fills, mouse clicks, etc., eG Enterprise includes a web app transaction recording and replay tool.
  • Purpose-built logon simulators: eG Enterprise embeds purpose-built simulators for digital workspace environments (Citrix, VMware Horizon, Amazon WorkSpaces, etc.) that simulate user logons without the need for a separate recording step.
  • Full, client session simulation: Ideal for simulating multi-step transactions to any type of application - thin client or thick client, this uses a simulation engine that works based on optical character recognition technology.

In all cases, application and transaction availability and response times are the key metrics of interest.

We have no more frustrations because now we know where the problem is, and the root cause of issues is detected in minutes. With the eG Enterprise performance monitoring suite we deliver a robust and reliable environment that guarantees maximum uptime and user satisfaction.

Wilfried Landsheer Director, Systemat Digital Hub

Four Approaches to
Synthetic Monitoring

Protocol Simulation

This is the simplest simulation approach. It simulates requests to target systems and applications by simulating requests using different common protocols (HTTP, SMTP, FTP, SQL, ICA, etc). Depending on the target, protocol simulation can be used to test individual tiers of an infrastructure or to check end-to-end performance. By design, protocol simulation works for single-step transactions only.

  • Proactively tests and provides a breakdown of response time to identify where the bottleneck lies
  • Track performance over time and identify time periods when performance deteriorates
  • Simulate performance from multiple locations to get a holistic view
Synthetic Monitoring test screen

Web App Simulation

This is a tool for synthetic monitoring of any type of web applications. To support multi-step transactions, a recording engine tracks all mouse clicks and form fills, and creates a script that can be replayed 24x7. The record and replay engine are based on the popular Selenium driver and screenshots are captured whenever a transaction fails.

  • Emulate real user interactions to website from multiple locations and record website availability and end-to-end response times
  • Identify which transaction(s) of a web application/website interaction are causing slowdowns, and provide instantaneous alerts on service outages and slowdowns
  • Facilitate root-cause diagnosis and infrastructure optimization through correlation with other network, server, and application performance indicators
  • Offers a reliable way of automating routine service health checks

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Digital Workspace Logon Simulation

The eG Enterprise Logon Simulator is a purpose-built synthetic performance monitoring solution that provides complete visibility to proactively detect and troubleshoot logon issues for Citrix, VMware Horizon, and Amazon WorkSpaces environments.

  • Test from multiple endpoints across global and remote locations and compare performance
  • Support multiple applications per user for logon simulation
  • Support multiple users from the same endpoint for logon simulation
  • Identify the cause of slow logon by obtaining a breakdown of every step of the logon process - web access, authentication, application enumeration, desktop launch, etc.

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Client Session Simulation

For simulating thick clients or thin clients, eG Enterprise uses a recording and playback engine that relies on optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The recording phase creates a script that includes which mouse clicks or keystroke actions are performed, which area of the display needs to be checked for the validity of the response, etc.

  • Test any type of application, from any location
  • Collect factual metrics about session performance and user experience, and identify issues proactively
  • Playback from different global or remote endpoints to compare performance locations
  • Establish benchmarks for session performance - which can then be used as baselines to compare against real user monitoring metrics

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Synthetic Monitoring Session Simulation

Get Answers to Key Performance Questions with Synthetic Monitoring

eG Enterprise synthetic transaction monitoring helps answer critical performance questions, such as:

  • Are the critical business applications available to handle user requests?
  • What is the total response time for a typical user access to a business-critical service?
  • Which of the transactions of a service is slow or failing?
  • Are there specific times of day when the slowdown occurs?
  • How does the performance vary depending on the geographic location from which the user is connecting?
Synthetic Monitoring Performance screen

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