WebLogic Monitoring for improved web application peformance

Using eG Enterprise you can monitor your JVMs, WebLogic containers and Java application code from a single-pane-of-glass. Get complete visibility into application performance and identify how to optimize your WebLogic deployment.

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Why monitor Oracle WebLogic?

Oracle WebLogic is one of the most widely used application servers for hosting highly transactional Java applications. Many mission-critical Java-based healthcare, finance, trading, and government applications are running on Oracle WebLogic, and for these organizations it is imperative to ensure that WebLogic servers are always operating at peak performance. Application owners and IT administrators need to be able to identify how, why and when their applications are slowing down, in order to troubleshoot problems before they affect the business, and need the help of WebLogic performance monitoring tools for problem diagnosis.

WebLogic Monitoring | eG Enterprise

End-to-End Oracle WebLogic performance monitoring

Oracle WebLogic Monitoring | eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise is a full stack application performance monitoring (APM) solution that provides in-depth performance visibility across your Java application environment, including the Java virtual machines (JVM), web and EJB containers, application code, database connections and queries, external web service calls, and more.

From a single pane of glass, eG Enterprise allows you to monitor all aspects of Oracle WebLogic performance and detect when there are stalled application transactions, too many waiting threads in the EJB pool, stuck threads in the Work Manager, servlets with high execution times, too many garbage collections happening, the JVM is running out of heap memory, etc.

To allow administrators to easily pinpoint where a bottleneck has occurred, eG Enterprise organizes metrics into functional layers and depicts the state of each layer, so administrators can triage the problem fast.

eG Enterprise for WebLogic Monitoring

eG Enterprise helps you enhance and optimize the performance of Java applications running on Oracle WebLogic. Get visibility into your full Java application stack, including the underlying infrastructure.

  • Monitor all aspects of JVM performance: threads, heap memory, locks, GC, etc.
  • Detect when there are stalled application transactions, many waiting threads in the EJB pool, stuck threads in the Work Manager, servlets with high execution times, etc.
  • Eliminate finger-pointing between IT Ops, DevOps and developers by automatically pinpointing the root cause of performance issues
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eG Enterprise gives us performance insight into our business-critical applications. It provides real-time and detailed visibility of every key component. With its prediction and analysis reports, we can be proactive instead of reactive.

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Troubleshoot faster with deep WebLogic performance insights

Get a comprehensive view of all WebLogic performance metrics in one place.

  • Identify whether the EJB thread pool is sized correctly
  • Isolate transactions affected due to WebLogic server performance
  • Track how long each servlet takes to execute
  • Monitor WebLogic Work Managers, Connectors, Queues and Topics
  • Keep track of JDBC connectivity and waiting requests
  • Catch out-of-memory exceptions and memory leaks in the JVM

eG Enterprise WebLogic performance monitoring tool automatically correlates WebLogic performance with server-side issues, resource deficiency (CPU, memory, disk, etc.), hardware faults, network problems, etc., allowing IT teams to speed up problem diagnosis and troubleshooting.

eG Enterprise: JVM Monitoring Tools

eG Enterprise: JVM Monitoring Tools

Gain code-level visibility for application performance optimization

eG Enterprise allows you to easily analyze transactions by breaking down request processing time hop by hop, as the transaction flows through each application tier. With this information, you can:

  • Troubleshoot complex application problems with code-level visibility
  • Identify the exact line of Java code that is causing a problem
  • Get access to slow queries that are affecting application performance
  • Track down slow remote procedure calls that are slowing transaction processing
  • Isolate high-CPU threads, waiting threads and root blocker threads in the JVM for code optimization

In Depth: See the Oracle WebLogic performance metrics monitored by eG Enterprise

Answer key WebLogic performance questions

  • Where is the response time slowdown: in the Java code, in the database queries, or in external web service calls?
  • Is the EJB cache sized correctly? Are there too many cache misses?
  • Are there too many threads waiting to be serviced?
  • Are Java servlets executing within acceptable processing thresholds?
  • Are there any connection leaks in JDBC connectivity?
  • Is the load evenly balanced across all WebLogic Servers in the cluster?

Extend monitoring capabilities beyond Oracle WebLogic containers

  • Proactively monitor end-user experience using real user monitoring and synthetic transaction monitoring capabilities
  • Trace Java application transactions from the front end through the application middleware, all the way down to the backend database
  • Isolate slow transactions and find out which tier in the server-side application framework is having a problem
  • Monitor all aspects of JVM performance including CPU, heap and non-heap memory, threads, classes, garbage collection, and more.
  • In addition to WebLogic, monitor many Oracle applications including Oracle Database, Web Server, Communications Messaging Server, Tuxedo, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and more.

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  • Suitable for monitoring applications, digital workspaces and IT infrastructures
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