Allscripts monitoring for healthcare IT

Proactively monitor Allscripts EMR, EHR and other applications, from clients hosted on VDI to servers and applications. Quickly troubleshoot performance issues and ensure clinicians and doctors get the access they need to provide immediate and accurate patient care.

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The importance of monitoring Allscripts applications

Allscripts EMR and EHR applications are widely used by many hospital systems. Doctors and other medical facilities, such as labs, insurance companies, and providers, rely on these systems for treating patients. Since they are critical to the health system, these applications must be available 24x7 and perform well.

When Allscripts access is slow, IT administrators are tasked with determining why; is it an issue on the user end, the Citrix/virtual desktop environment as it’s being used to access Allscripts, orthe web application tier, or a problem in the backend database server. Because of the multi-tier nature of Allscripts deployments, troubleshooting slowness can take a lot of time and effort.

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eG Enterprise: A total solution for monitoring Allscripts applications

Keeping a tab on your Allscripts applications can be a challenge. You must worry about what experience are your users having, that Citrix/VDI access is working well, and that core web applications are functioning as expected. One or all of these tiers can be hosted on a virtualization platform and there could be other applications using the same infrastructure. Slowness anywhere in the service delivery chain can result in issues when medical professionals access the electronic records they need.

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With its universal monitoring technology, eG Enterprise provides a complete 360-degree view of your Allscripts deployment:

  • Our synthetic and real user monitoring (RUM) technologies allow healthcare IT admins to proactively track performance and learn about issues before users call and complain
  • Detailed code-level monitoring at the web tier provides the insights you need to determine what is the root-cause of slowness; is it the application code, a message queueing problem, or a slow database query?
  • With eG Enterprise, you no longer have to guess where the issue lies. The result: happy users, improved service uptime and lower MTTR

What eG Enterprise delivers for
healthcare IT monitoring

Monitor user experience 24x7 for Allscripts applications

With eG Enterprise, you can make user experience monitoring central to your IT strategy.

  • Our synthetic monitoring capabilities help you track the availability and performance of Allscripts applications across the entire application chain.
  • Monitor web accesses to the IIS front-end servers, as well as thick client-based accesses from desktops or through Citrix/VDI
  • Proactively learn about potential problems and start working on them before users notice and complain.

Enhance IT efficiency and, as a result, improve patient experience, as well as the service quality seen by physicians.

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Detailed Citrix and VDI insights for
healthcare IT

Citrix or VDI is often used to host Allscripts client applications for users. Slowness in the Citrix/VDI tier can result in users complaining that "Allscripts applications are slow". By providing best-of-breed monitoring capabilities for Citrix and VDI technologies, eG Enterprise helps administrators quickly determine if there is a problem in the Citrix or VDI technologies that are affecting user experience.

  • Monitor Citrix/VDI logon times, application launch times, screen refresh latencies, and the quality of each user's network connection.
  • Correlate user experience with resource usage levels of the servers and hypervisors supporting user access.
  • Monitor every Citrix/VDI tier and see topology views highlighting where performance bottlenecks lie.
 AllScripts healthcare IT monitoring and  management diagram
  • Use empirical insights to optimize and right-size the infrastructure for peak performance and maximum ROI.

Monitor the core healthcare applications and databases

Eliminate guesswork and finger-pointing using deep monitoring for all the key Allscripts tiers.

  • Use eG Enterprise's RUM capabilities to determine which URLs are being accessed, from where, and what are the page load times. Highlight slow pages and any JavaScript errors
  • Determine whether the IIS web servers are performing well and if there are any issues affecting request processing (e.g., SSL certificate issues, memory leaks, code issues, etc.)
  • Get in-depth visibility into Microsoft SQL backends. Track connection usage, detect if there are long running queries or instances of query blocking, monitor transaction logs, and much more
AllScripts monitoring dashboard
  • Monitor Sunrise Clinical Manager Queue tables in the database
  • Track the health of the key Allscripts components - the interface server, the remote chart access server, the message queues, and print servers

Get the necessary data and reports
you need for HIPAA compliance

To be HIPAA compliant, organizations dealing with protected health information must have physical, network, and process protection measures in place and enforce them. The IT and the security/compliance teams can only be reactive without an end-to-end monitoring solution in place and can spend countless manhours to satisfy the documentation requirements of HIPAA.

With eG Enterprise, you have access to critical metrics at your fingertips. With our Citrix and VDI monitoring tools, you can document in minutes who logged in, from where, for how long, what applications did they access, what resources they used, etc.

With eG Enterprise, you get:

AllScripts IT performance management dashboard
  • Standard web-based reports to easily fulfill required security/compliance audit requests, as well as meeting internal company policies through a single user-friendly interface
  • Centralized data collection and reporting that eliminates errors, saves time, and reduces the mundaneness often associated with these critical tasks
  • Deep diagnostics and actionable insights needed to troubleshoot issues, right-size the infrastructure, and plan for future IT resources

Why use eG Enterprise for Allscripts monitoring?

  • One unified console to monitor the health and performance of the entire healthcare IT landscape, from application code to bare metal, from databases to storage, across physical, virtual and cloud, and hybrid environments
  • Get insights on end-user experience, business transactions, applications, and the supporting infrastructure
  • Simple intuitive interface and expert-in-a-box functionality enables even non-experts to effectively monitor key applications
  • Optimize your IT investments using recommendations and forecasts provided by the tool
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