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IT Monitoring Solution Delivers Proactive Issue Detection

eG Enterprise drastically improves our performance from an SLA standpoint. More than 99% of the time our team responds to issues within 4 minutes. More than 85% of the time, we can either resolve issues or escalate them to the next level within 30 minutes. Quote

Mike MontanoManager of Proactive Support Offering Development & Delivery, Allscripts  |  Download Case Study

Key Benefits to Allscripts

  • Dramatically improve client experience, retention and growth
  • Resolve 70% of issues before they impact clients
  • Reduce support costs up to 20% by minimizing need to engage the entire support structure
  • Respond to 99% of issues within four minutes and resolve or escalate 85% of issues within 30 minutes

Why eG Enterprise?

  • Proactive discovery and resolution of potential application and infrastructure problems before they can affect clients
  • Fast and easy root cause analysis with granular, layered visibility into environment
  • Greater depth, versatility and flexibility of what can be monitored compared to competing solutions
  • Ease of adding and customizing performance-monitoring capabilities specific to application and infrastructure needs

Leading Healthcare IT Innovator Enables Smarter Care

Healthcare IT Monitoring Solutions at Allscripts - Case study by eG Innovations

With a vision of building open, connected communities of health, Allscripts helps more than 2,500 hospitals, 180,000 physicians, 45,000 physician practices, 19,000 post-acute agencies drive smarter care for nearly 7.2 million patients across the globe. As a healthcare IT innovator, its solutions empower communication, collaboration and coordination that lead to healthier populations. To ensure that the hospitals, physicians, nurses and other care providers it serves receive the best client experience possible, Allscripts offers a proactive application monitoring service that checks for potential problems that could slow down or disrupt the use of its mission-critical healthcare IT systems. At the heart of the success of this service is eG Enterprise infrastructure and application performance monitoring from eG Innovations.

The Challenge: Assist Clients to Deliver Optimal IT Service Performance Through Proactive Infrastructure and Application Monitoring

In a fast-moving, 24/7 healthcare environment, doctors and nurses cannot afford any impediments to delivering the best possible patient care. To help ensure top performance of their software solution, in 2006, Allscripts launched a proactive support offering that monitors clients' IT infrastructure and use of Allscripts solutions. When they first started, much of the monitoring effort was performed manually, which proved to be a time-consuming effort that didn't quite deliver the desired outcomes. The results dramatically improved about a year later when they discovered eG Enterprise and successfully built and grew their service around its unified and automated IT service monitoring and diagnosis capabilities.

The Solution: How Healthcare IT Monitoring from eG Enterprise Helps Allscripts to Proactively Resolve Support Issues

With eG Enterprise as the centerpiece IT performance monitoring technology for its proactive support offering, Allscripts could improve client experiences in a way that had a significant impact on business growth and client retention.

"Our clients' experiences are definitely tied to how fast the response times are to the various parts of the solutions we sell," says Mike Montano, Manager of Proactive Support Offering Development & Delivery at Allscripts. "One of the main ways we ensure the desired client experience is using eG Enterprise to monitor the infrastructure and databases behind the scenes to make sure they're performing optimally."

eG Enterprise monitors a wide variety of activities in the clients' environments that could build up to or indicate potential problems. This might include problems with resource usage on servers, queue length of Allscripts applications and databases, and the overall health of the application and databases. When eG Enterprise detects such activity, it alerts Allscripts and automatically provides correlated performance insights across every tier of the infrastructure, enabling staff to easily pinpoint the root cause of potential and existing problems before they ever impact clients.


"With eG Enterprise, more than 70% of the time we can respond to an event and resolve the issue before the client engages support," says John McDonald, Director of Proactive Support Offering Development & Delivery at Allscripts. "That results in about a 15 to 20% cost avoidance for us. Since the client never sees the problem, they never open a support ticket and engage the whole support structure. That's the whole purpose of our service, to try to take care of issues before the client ever notices."

Of course, some problems take longer to resolve due to their complex nature, but eG Enterprise enables Allscripts to detect, respond to and resolve those issues considerably faster than it previously could. Performance issues that would have taken hours, or days, to respond to, Allscripts can now resolve in minutes.

"eG Enterprise drastically improves our performance from an SLA standpoint," Montano says. "More than 99% of the time our team responds to issues within four minutes. More than 85% of the time, we can either resolve issues or escalate them to the next level within 30 minutes."

Allscripts was not new to performance monitoring solutions, but chose eG Enterprise with a close eye on competing products. "Other solutions can do some of the same things, but eG Enterprise has the upper hand when it comes to flexibility, customization and what it can monitor," Montano says. "One of the reasons we chose eG Enterprise was because it doesn't matter if our clients use Windows, IBM, Solaris, Unix or whatever. eG lets us monitor whatever environments our clients have."

Healthcare Monitoring Tools

eG Enterprise: One monitor for all of IT

Ease of customization was another major reason for Allscripts selecting eG Enterprise. The solution lets Montano and his team create customized monitoring capabilities specific to various Allscripts product offerings. Whether it wants to use a standard database querying language or the platform-independence of Java, the Allscripts team can easily create custom testing and monitoring scripts without having to learn a new language. Once ready, those scripts can be easily deployed to Allscripts clients in a matter of minutes.

But the biggest reason Allscripts is committed to eG Enterprise is that it does exactly what the company needs to create great client experiences that foster client loyalty and business growth.

"Clients using our proactive service are thrilled with it, and Allscripts as a company," McDonald says. "That's the value of being able to resolve issues before clients see them. eG Enterprise is a real enabler of client satisfaction and client retention and is helping Allscripts grow."