End-to-end IGEL monitoring

Get deep visibility into the performance of your IGEL devices, UMS and Cloud Gateways and quickly get to the root-cause of issues with eG Enterprise. Its true end-to-end and top to bottom monitoring that helps ensure optimal end-user experiences.

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IGEL endpoints are important components
of digital workspaces

IGEL is a "Next-Gen Operating System" built for secure access to cloud workspaces, such as VDI and Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Built on a highly secure Linux kernel and compatible with any x86-64 device, the IGEL OS is bundled with all the necessary virtual utilities, such as Citrix Workspace App/Receiver, VMware Horizon client, Windows RDP client, Microsoft AVD client and Amazon WorkSpaces client that allow users to securely connect to digital workspaces.

When users complain about slowness or disconnects during digital workspace access, the problem may have occurred due to one of the data center components, but it could also be associate with the user’s end-point connecting to the digital workspace. While many organizations have monitoring tools for the data center components, they have no visibility into the performance of and network quality available to end-points such as thin clients.

IGEL thin clients are important components of digital workspaces

eG Enterprise for IGEL device monitoring

IGEL endpoint monitoring

eG Enterprise is an end-to-end monitoring solution that provides incredible in-depth performance monitoring for IGEL devices and all of the supporting tiers. With eG Enterprise you can:

  • Monitor and optimize digital user experience with end-to-end visibility into user sessions
  • Identify resource-intensive activities impacting thin clients
  • Get visibility into every layer and every tier of your IT infrastructure
  • Get to the root-cause of performance problems in one click
  • Use historical data and trending tools to forecast future capacity requirements
  • eG Enterprise is the most complete solution for monitoring IGEL products.
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Why do you need
IGEL monitoring?

Ensure Great User Experience: Proactive monitoring of IGEL-powered endpoints can help IT take preemptive action to improve user experience.


Provide End-to-end Visibility: Monitoring of endpoints is essential to get the end-to-end picture of digital workspace performance and to enable fast and accurate troubleshooting of problems.


Keep Endpoints Working Well: Scalability issues, communication problems, and bottlenecks in the thin client management system can impact central management and control of the endpoints. These issues must be addressed quickly for a seamless digital workspace performance.

Get end-to-end visibility into digital workspaces with eG Enterprise

  • Unified console for all digital workspaces. Technologies supported include Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVADs), VMware Horizon, Amazon WorkSpaces and AppStream and Microsoft AVD.
  • Monitor all aspects of end user and digital employee experience (DEX). Use a combination of synthetic and real user monitoring (RUM) to get 360° insights into users' experience.
  • Analyze the performance of every layer and every tier of the digital workspace deployment. Monitor the virtualization platform, connection brokers, remoting protocols, license servers, storage, and virtual desktops and apps. Drill down from a user session to the IGEL endpoint being used and analyze performance.
IGEL monitoring diagram
  • Get insights for rightsizing and capacity planning. Learn how you can optimize and plan your digital workspace deployment to deliver greater ROI for the business.

Monitoring of IGEL endpoints

Using extremely lightweight agents that are auto provisioned on to your IGEL endpoints, you can monitor key resource usage parameters on the endpoints. You can track device uptime and detect any unexpected reboots, identify when users are connected to the device and for how long, and analyze network and TCP activities across thousands of endpoints.

eG Enterprise’s capabilities for IGEL endpoints allow you to:

  • Monitor all endpoints and track which ones are short of resources.
  • Identify if any resource intensive processes are slowing down an IGEL endpoint.
  • Provide helpdesk staff end-to-end views with root-cause diagnostic overlays and drilldowns from a user session to their IGEL endpoint, enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis.
  • Benchmark endpoint resource usage and performance and detect any deviations from normal
  • Detect any home network issues impacting EUC performance.
  • Use historical data to diagnose current problems, provide insights for past problems, and detect trends.
  • Capacity plan and optimize costs based on long-term detailed data.

Answer key questions about the performance of your IGEL UMS

The IGEL UMS servers are the core of any IGEL deployment. All thin clients are provisioned and controlled by the UMS servers. If the UMS server is not available or is slow, it can affect thin client availability and performance.

eG Enterprise is the only solution with customized monitoring, diagnosis, and reporting capabilities for IGEL UMS. Use eG Enterprise to answer key questions about IGEL UMS:

  • Is the IGEL UMS server available and responding to requests from end clients?
  • Are the SSL certificates deployed on the server valid and until how long?
  • Are the key processes supporting IGEL UMS running and what resources are they consuming?
IGEL UMS monitoring screen
  • Is the server hosting IGEL UMS sized correctly - does it have sufficient capacity to handle the thin client workload expected?
  • Is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) supporting IGEL UMS configured correctly? Does it have sufficient heap memory? Are there any garbage collection issues, etc.?
  • Are there any errors reported in the UMS logs?

Monitoring of IGEL cloud gateways

Monitoring of IGEL Cloud Gateways is important. Since it is the entry point for IGEL endpoints connecting from a remote location, if the IGEL Cloud Gateway is down, IGEL endpoints from a remote location cannot connect to the IGEL control plane. Users will therefore be deprived of access to the end user computing environment. eG Enterprise continually offers answer to common questions, including:

  • How many IGEL endpoints are connected through IGEL Cloud Gateway?
IGEL Cloud Gateways
  • How many endpoints are disconnected and how many endpoints are logging out, when connected through IGEL Cloud Gateway?
  • What is the HTTP session load on IGEL Cloud Gateway? Is / was the count of HTTP sessions initiated on / terminated from IGEL Cloud Gateway abnormally high?
  • How many Error, Debug and Info messages were logged in the log files of the IGEL Cloud Gateway? What was the error message that was frequently recorded in the log files?

How eG Enterprise helps IGEL deployments

  • Proactively monitor your IGEL endpoints, UMS and cloud Gateways. Learn about problems before users do.
  • Eliminate blind spots. Track performance every step of the way - across endpoints, virtual infrastructure, and cloud services and facilitate rapid troubleshooting.
  • Pinpoint the cause of performance issues. Correlate digital workspace performance and the corresponding endpoint, thereby reducing mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • Baseline usage levels of IGEL endpoints and servers. Plan for capacity upgrades.
How eG Enterprise Helps IGEL

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