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Azure Virtual Desktop - AVD is a desktop and application virtualization service powered by Microsoft Azure. Organizations can deploy virtual desktops in Azure cloud and make them available to users worldwide. AVD provides many features including multi-session Windows experience, simplified management, optimizations for Office 365, support for Microsoft RDS, and more. Among digital workspace technologies, AVD is seeing the fastest growth in adoption - over 50% of organizations are expected to be using AVD in the next two years.

Nerdio Manager: Simplify and perfect AVD deployment and operation

Nerdio Manager is the premier solution for virtual desktop deployment and operation in Microsoft Azure. Nerdio Manager for Enterprise extends the native Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 admin capabilities with features that simplify management, ensure efficient operations, and lower Azure compute and storage costs via automation and license optimization.

  • Simplify and automate Azure Virtual Desktop deployment in hours.
  • Save on Azure compute and storage costs with Nerdio’s Advanced Auto-scaling. Achieve significant time savings and eliminate human errors.
  • Securely deployed as an Azure application in a client’s subscription.
  • MSPs use Nerdio Manager in a multi-tenant configuration. Manage customer AVD deployments in a few clicks without needing an experienced engineer.

eG Enterprise: Simplify and perfect AVD monitoring, diagnosis and reporting

eG Enterprise is a purpose-built monitoring solution for digital workspaces. Its integration with AVD allows IT administrators to monitor all aspects of user experience, troubleshoot problems quickly and easily, and proactively plan their deployment.

  • Dynamic auto-baselining and AIOps technologies enable automatic root-cause diagnosis and anomaly detection. This removes the need to manually configure thresholds and alerts or to involve specialists for troubleshooting every issue.
  • Ready-to-use and customizable dashboards provide comprehensive insights into user activity and experience, application usage, and performance of all AVD tiers and supporting applications and infrastructure.
  • Built-in reports enable infrastructure and cost optimizations as well as compliance auditing.

eG Enterprise for AVD monitoring is like
Nerdio for AVD deployment

Features Nerdio Manager eG Enterprise
Simplify AVD. Eliminate manual effort, save time Automatically provision a complete AVD environment in a few hours using the Nerdio Manager console. Automatically deploy monitoring for the entire AVD service: Azure subscription, brokering, Azure AD, session hosts, host pools, FSLogix profiles and more. Integrated with Nerdio Manager, eG Enterprise can be deployed with minimal configuration. There is no need to manually configure counters, metric thresholds or logs.
Complement Microsoft’s native tools. Enhance them with best-in-class enterprise capabilities Native tools are cumbersome to set up and use directly. Nerdio Manager uses Azure APIs to simplify deployment and operation of Azure virtual desktops. Native Azure Monitor is not easy to use and requires a lot of time. With built-in integration to Azure APIs, eG Enterprise provides end-to-end insights into every layer and every AVD tier. There is no need to write Kusto queries for detailed reporting.
Single pane of glass Simple web console for all your AVD deployment and administration needs. Simple web console allows you to monitor, get reports and track configurations of your AVD deployment. There is no need to shift between multiple consoles.
Purpose built solution for AVD Built to make AVD easier to operate, Nerdio Manager automates best practices that any organization deploying AVD must follow. Purpose-built dashboards and reports are readily available for you to get started with monitoring your AVD deployment in minutes.
Save on Azure compute and storage costs Advanced auto-scaling and license optimization capabilities result in significant cost-savings. Get insights for right-sizing session hosts. Track unusual usage patterns, which if resolved can result in significant cost savings. Save on Azure Monitor costs by not storing raw metrics in Log Analytics Workspace.
Highly secure offering Being an Azure web app, Nerdio Manager is deployed within a client’s subscription and is secure. Security is a key component of the eG Enterprise architecture. Data is encrypted during transit and at rest. There is no need to open any new ports or change firewall rules.
MSP-friendly Manage your clients from one portal that supports multi-tenancy. Configure clients in a few clicks, without needing an experienced Azure engineer. White-label the solution, support user roles and self-service. Full support for multi-tenancy. See the health of all your clients’ services in one web console. Drilldown seamlessly into each client’s view to troubleshoot and resolve issues. Simple to use topology drilldowns and layer model views make it easy for even helpdesk staff to use the tool. Supports white-labelling, role-based access and tenant self-service views.
Auto-scaling support Yes Yes. Using auto-discovery and configuration change tracking, automatically detects and adjusts the monitoring as resources are added or deleted by Nerdio.
Microsoft co-sell ready Yes Yes
SaaS service Yes Yes
Tight integration Use Nerdio Manager to auto-deploy eG agents on session hosts. No additional configuration is necessary Use eG Enterprise to monitor the Nerdio Manager Azure app service, backend database and the health of the service.

I'm impressed what eG Enterprise has to offer in end-to-end monitoring for Azure Virtual Desktop. The auto discovery capabilities, including out of the box thresholds, allow for easy and fast configuration. Getting detailed insights in logon duration, application launch times and the perceived end user experience is great. The ability to gather load simulation tests details using a synthetic user is super helpful and the way they are displayed in the console is great.

Freek Berson Azure Virtual Desktop evangelist
and enthusiast, Wortell
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