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The use of RDSH technology

RDSH stands for Remote Desktop Service Host. RDSH is a role in Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) with which a server can host applications and desktop sessions for remote access by users. RDSH can offer organizations cost savings. A full operating system does not have to be deployed for each user. Furthermore, as multiple user sessions access the server at the same time, they share the resources of the server. Software licenses are also shared across user sessions. At the same time, as applications and desktops hosted on RDSH are accessed, user experience is often a challenge. Proactive and specialized monitoring for RDSH is necessary to make sure that remote users are happy and productive.

RDSH deployment model

Why is monitoring important for RDSH servers?

RDSH monitoring identifies why a website may be operating slowly

When users have dedicated desktops or laptops, if one system goes down, it impacts only one user. RDS hosts support multiple users. Often 20-30 users can be concurrently logged into an RDS host. If there is a performance or availability issue with the host, it affects all the user sessions. So, performance monitoring of an RDSH infrastructure is vitally important.

At the same time, as multiple users share the resources of an RDSH server, one user taking up excessive CPU or memory resources can adversely impact the performance of other users. Diagnosing performance issues and determining which user is responsible for a problem is a challenge.

Microsoft Windows' built-in tools, such as Task Manager, Performance Monitor (PerfMon), and Windows Resource Monitor are useful to monitor and troubleshoot problems on a single RDSH server. Also, these tools provide live insights mainly. To monitor an entire RDSH farm and to collect historical metrics that are needed for effectively diagnosing and fixing issues, IT administrators need a more holistic performance monitoring solution.

eG Enterprise: Total performance monitoring for RDSH

eG Enterprise is a purpose-built monitoring solution for end-user computing (EUC) and remote access environments, such as RDSH. Irrespective of whether RDSH is accessed natively via Microsoft RemoteFx protocols or through VMware Horizon's Blast or PCoIP protocols, eG Enterprise provides complete visibility into the performance of RDSH environments.

Get answers to key questions about your RDSH environment:

  • Who logged in, when, and for how long?
  • Who are the top users consuming CPU?
  • Is there any memory leak in applications accessed via RDSH?
  • Are the RDSH servers sized correctly for the user workload?
  • What is the user experience for RDSH users: what are logon times, application launch times, bandwidth used, etc.?
RDSH Monitoring Dashboard

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