Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Adoption Trends

This report is a compilation of the responses of 500+ IT professionals from across the world and includes learnings, analysis and trends. This is intended to be useful for any IT professional working with digital workspace technologies and VDI in particular.

Our thanks to everyone who participated in our survey.

Key findings in the report:

  • Organizations are looking to deploy Azure Virtual Desktop technologies. 26% already have AVD deployed in production.
  • AVD adoption is likely to grow fast. 58% expect to have AVD technology in production within 2 years.
  • Currently, AVD deployments are mostly small. 73% of deployments have less than 1000 users.
  • Secure architecture, pay as you go model and easy deployment are key reasons why organizations are adopting AVD.
  • Organizations adopting AVD are using industry best practices such as GPUs, image optimization, profile management, etc. to enhance user experience.
  • More than half the organizations deploying AVD are reliant on Azure native tools for monitoring and management.
  • Cost and inability to predict these costs are main challenges for organizations with Azure Monitor.
  • For AVD technology to be effective, organizations see end-to-end monitoring of AVD as a key requirement.
  • Despite its many benefits, 80% of organizations expect to use other digital workspace technologies in conjunction with AVD.
  • A single pane of glass to monitor all the different digital workspace technologies is seen as being very important.

The survey results have been compiled into a data rich, easily digestible report to provide you with benchmarks and new insights into Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Adoption Trends. Get the report now!

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Peter Claridge

Director - Marketing
eG Innovations