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eG Innovations leverages key relationships with strategic technology partners to deliver maximum value-add to its growing customer base. Technology partners offer complementary solutions that help customer realize maximum benefit from their solution investments, and work with us to ensure we deliver advanced performance management solutions that provide the highest levels of performance and availability for mission critical applications.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading providers of on-demand cloud computing services that deliver compute power, database, storage, content delivery and other services enabling business to run their applications and infrastructure on the cloud. eG Innovations is an AWS Technology Partner. Leveraging the integration with AWS, eG Innovations delivers monitoring solutions for AWS infrastructures and applications, enabling organizations to achieve high performance of their cloud services and get the most out of their cloud investment.

eG Innovations is a Citrix Technology Partner and its monitoring solutions are certified Citrix Ready for all products in the Citrix stack. eG Innovations leverages the integration with Citrix to use Citrix APIs and provide detailed end-to-end monitoring of Citrix digital workspace environments. eG Innovations’ solutions offer native support to monitor key Citrix products and services including Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix ADC, StoreFront, Citrix Provisioning, Citrix Cloud, and more. eG Enterprise is the only end-to-end Citrix monitoring solution that extends visibility to diagnose issues outside the Citrix stack, correlate them with Citrix performance and provide meaningful root-cause analysis to help Citrix admins troubleshoot problems faster.

eG Innovations is a IBM Solutions Partner. Our products provide centralized monitoring, diagnosis and reporting for different IBM technologies including the AIX operating system, LPAR virtualization, WebSphere application server, DB2 UDB, and IBM WebSphere MQ messaging server. With eG Enterprise, IBM customers can get deep insights into the performance of every layer of every tier of their infrastructure, receive proactive alerts of performance degradations and access reports that can help them identify potential hotspots in their infrastructure. eG Enterprise also integrates with IBM Tivoli to provide customers a holistic view of their infrastructure across multiple platforms, applications and vendor technologies.

The eG Innovations Itexis partnership enables customers to emulate users accessing key web, Citrix, virtual desktop applications in production environments, measure the user experience from one or more locations and proactively alert and diagnose performance issues quickly. Customers involved in IT transformation projects such as migration from physical to virtual environments, or upgrades from one application version to another will find this solution particularly useful. They can compare the performance of applications prior to the migration and after the migration and thereby gauge the success of their IT transformation projects.

eG Innovations is a Microsoft System Center Alliance Partner. Our eG Enterprise solution integrates seamlessly into Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) through the eG SCOM plug-in. This solution dramatically expands the capacity of Microsoft SCOM to deliver a single, integrated performance monitoring platform that supports both Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications spanning virtual, cloud and physical infrastructure.

eG Innovations is a Nutanix Elevate Technology Allance partner and eG Enterprise is certified as Nutanix Ready. eG Enterprise provides Nutanix customers with total performance visibility throughout the Nutanix enterprise cloud infrastructure, covering key components such as hypervisors, virtual machines, storage disks, clusters, and containers. eG Enterprise's inside-outside monitoring technology for virtual infrastructures supports Nutanix AHV, and its patented virtualization-aware root-cause diagnosis technology auto-discovers application-to-virtual machine and virtual machine-to-physical machine relationships in Nutanix environments. eG Enterprise leverages this dependency information for automated root-cause diagnosis that helps Nutanix-driven companies diagnose and remediate performance issues before users are affected.

eG Innovations partners with NVIDIA to deliver comprehensive GPU monitoring capabilities that enable IT to better manage all aspects of the user experience, tapping into GPU-sourced insights that aid in design, right-sizing, proactive infrastructure optimization and help-desk issue remediation. The joint solution integrates eG Enterprise with NVIDIA GRID software to provide actionable insights through host-level, guest-level, and application-level analytics. eG Enterprise supports GPU monitoring for NVIDIA K1 and K2 Grids installed on VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer, helping ensure an excellent experience for end-users of enterprise desktop and application virtualization.

eG Innovations is a Oracle partner and provides customers who use Oracle platforms with deep, insight into how to ensure user satisfaction and top performance. eG Enterprise monitors Oracle Java applications, Oracle database servers, and Oracle virtualization using Oracle VM server.

eG Innovations is a Red Hat Ready ISV partner and the eG Enterprise solution is certified for the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization platform (RHEV). eG Enterprise provides the industry's only virtualization-aware service topology mapping and automatic correlation, which allows administrators to monitor RHEV server and desktop platforms - not as a silo but as an integral component of the overall business service infrastructure. This unique approach delivers deep, actionable insights into the true causes of cross-domain service performance issues and enables administrators to pre-emptively detect, diagnose, and fix root-cause issues - before end users notice.

eG Enterprise offers 100% web-based performance management of every layer of each tier of the SAP environment. Be it a network router, a firewall, a SAP Internet Transaction server, a SAP R/3 server, or an Oracle database, the eG Enterprise suite includes customized models for all of these infrastructure components. These models determine what metrics are collected, how often, how the results of the monitoring are interpreted to provide proactive alerts, and how the metrics are correlated to determine the root-cause of SAP performance problems.

eG Innovations is a VMware Technology Alliance Partner. The eG Enterprise suite can be deployed in a VMware infrastructure to monitor all aspects of the VMware infrastructure. The eG Single Agent on each ESX server can monitor the hosts as well as each of the guest virtual machines. The metrics collected are auto-baselined, so administrators can be alerted about anomalies before users notice problems and complain. The eG Monitor for VMware infrastructure also correlates the performance of the VM infrastructures with critical business services, so the root-cause of problems can be identified and resolved immediately, so as to minimize business impact.

Liquit provides an end-to-end application management platform and eG Innovations seamlessly monitors any workload managed by Liquit. With its intuitive, highly flexible, and technology agnostic platform, Liquit increases productivity, reduces costs and empowers the work-from-anywhere capabilities that have become a necessity in today’s market. By enriching Liquit with the insights provided by eG Innovations, Liquit makes data-driven decisions to ensure your users have the best possible experience.