DynamoDB Monitoring and Performance Management

Comprehensive performance monitoring of DynamoDB and your entire AWS environment.

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What is Amazon DynamoDB?

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides a fast and scalable solution for storing and retrieving any amount of data, serving applications that require low-latency access to databases. DynamoDB is designed to handle high-traffic applications and offers seamless scalability, automatic sharding, and robust performance without the need for manual intervention. It is suitable for a wide range of use cases, including web and mobile applications, gaming, ad tech, IoT, and more.

Total observability of DynamoDB performance

eG Enterprise is domain-aware designed to understand and monitor key DynamoDB metrics, errors and logs, in every tier, including:

  • Service information such as DynamoDB network connectivity and error
  • Resources including AWS DynamoDB throughputs and transactions
  • Data on replications including information about DynamoDB replication regions and replication records
Total observability of DynamoDB performance

Monitor key DynamoDB metrics alongside the rest of your application and infrastructure landscape

Using a single console leveraging universal agent technologies you can monitor your DynamoDB databases and tables alongside over 500+ application and infrastructure technologies, including:

  • All your other cloud and on-prem database, message queue and cache technologies
  • Other cloud services whether that’s AWS, Azure or Alibaba
  • Modern microservice architectures, Kubernetes/OpenShift containers, serverless functions
  • The performance and costs of all the AWS resources and services you use, including Amazon CloudWatch data
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DynamoDB monitoring for the whole organization

eG Enterprise empowers the whole organization beyond the database team and administrators to have RBAC access to key DynamoDB performance and availability data without the need to give explicit database access to every user.

  • Dedicated simple to use topology maps and dashboards designed for help desk operators ensure that service desk teams can differentiate DynamoDB issues from application and infrastructure issues ensuring problems are routed to the correct team
  • Application developers gain deep insights and understanding of the demands their apps place upon the databases
  • Management can better understand the costs of using DynamoDB to run services and applications and capacity plan

Ensure application performance

DynamoDB is often a critical dependency of applications. Monitoring its performance helps ensure that applications relying on DynamoDB can deliver a seamless and responsive experience to end-users. Application-level metrics, combined with DynamoDB metrics, provide a holistic view of system health.

AIOps powered automation to troubleshoot DynamoDB

Patented AIOps technologies provide proactive monitoring and diagnostics out-of-the-box. Benefits include:

  • Metric thresholds, auto-baselining and alerting are configured without manual effort
  • AIOps powered root-cause diagnostics that identifies, where and why applications break and prevents alert storms
  • Proactive anomalies detection
  • Auto-discover and auto-deploy coupled with universal agent technologies ensure end-to-end observability that scales in real time to monitor your systems that auto-scale up or down
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