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Unified IT infrastructure and Application Monitoring
for Financial Services, Insurance and Banking

Financial organizations have been at the leading edge of adopting new IT technologies. A number of new services for consumers have been made possible by the adoption of modern technologies – cloud, microservices, containers and virtualization. Web technologies have been widely used to support customer-facing applications, and digital workspaces like Citrix and VMware Horizon have been deployed for supporting stock traders, remote developers and such. ATM terminals and mobile touchless payment systems are all now connected to the network, and almost all financial organizations have large call centers to support customer queries or to support their own employees.

IT is at the core of a financial organization’s business today, and if there is slowness with any of the key technologies being used, this can impact the organization’s brand, affect user experience, and result in lost revenue. It is no wonder that IT infrastructure and application monitoring is critical for financial institutions.

Providing Visibility into Digital Experience
From Web URL to Code

A recent Standish Company report indicates that 1 minute of downtime can cause a bank to lose over $7000 in lost revenue. Therefore, just three downtime incidents in a year, each lasting two hours on average, can cause a revenue loss of $2.52 million! Therefore, it is no surprise that financial institutions have to pay great attention to monitoring digital user experience.

eG Enterprise provides a full suite of digital user experience monitoring capabilities so that IT admins and executives have insight into all aspects of digital user experience.

  • From simulating simple protocol requests to complex multi-step workflows, eG Enterprise supports a full range of synthetic monitoring options.
  • Real user monitoring is enabled using JavaScript injection.
  • Using byte-code instrumentation and a tag-and-follow technique, eG Enterprise profiles key financial applications (e.g., Oracle Financials, TCS BaNCS as well as in-house custom web applications) to pinpoint exactly which line of code, which method, which query is causing slowness.

Unparalleled Insights into Digital Workspaces

Whether they need to support remote developers or workers, or in call centers to provide remote access to customer records to call center agents, or to provide secure, fast access to stock traders on a trading floor, financial institutions make use of digital workspace technologies like Citrix and VMware Horizon. Slowness in accessing virtual desktops or key applications can result in lost productivity and cause user frustration.

While there are many monitoring tool options, there are few with expertise in digital workspace technologies. Domain expertise in these technologies is a must for fast and accurate diagnosis of problems. E.g., when a user complains of slow logon, where is the problem? Is it due to connection brokering, VM start, logon scripts, GPOs, profile loading, etc. Likewise, when a user is seeing slow screen refresh, is the issue due to the client, or the user’s network, or due to the data center network or due to the virtual desktop? Only monitoring tools with deep digital workspace insights can provide answers to these questions.

With close to two decades of experience working with different digital workspace technologies, eG Enterprise is a readymade solution for any digital workspace: Citrix, VMware Horizon, IGEL, Amazon WorkSpaces, Azure Virtual Desktop, or just Microsoft RDS.

Address Monitoring Gaps and
Empower Your IT Help Desk

Financial institutions have a plethora of monitoring tools deployed already. Yet there are several monitoring gaps. Furthermore, the monitoring tools are used by IT operations teams and IT help desks merely act as a pass-through. The result: many bridge calls involving IT experts, lots of finger-pointing, and longer problem resolution time.

Many leading financial institutions worldwide have used eG Enterprise for:

  • Bridging monitoring gaps: With its wide-ranging universal monitoring technology, eG Enterprise provides broad coverage. Customers use eG Enterprise to monitor technologies that their existing toolsets do not cover.
  • Modernizing IT monitoring: Legacy monitoring tools (e.g., HP SiteScope, CA Nimsoft, etc.) that have not had an upgrade in several years are still in use. Organizations can sunset their legacy tools and modernize their IT monitoring with more advanced and modern capabilities.
  • Customizing monitoring for unique requirements: Many financial applications are home-grown or custom-built. With
    eG Enterprise’s extensibility capabilities, customers can create new models for these applications and integrate existing scripts and know-how that exists to create a powerful solution that helps reduce MTTR.
  • Empowering IT help desks: Traditionally, IT help desks have not had any monitoring visibility and as a result, they have lacked the ability to triage problems quickly. eG Enterprise embeds a wide range of AIOps capabilities that empower IT help desks to do more. They can use the intuitive graphical interface to determine the cause of problems and just involve the right-expert team for troubleshooting. The result: improved IT efficiency and lower MTTR.

Flexible, Scalable and Secure Deployment

  • Customers can choose the deployment model of eG Enterprise. On-premises and cloud/SaaS options are available.
  • SaaS offerings in local regions to comply with regional government and industry regulatory requirements.
  • SAML and Active Directory integration are supposed for single sign-on support.
  • Two-factor authentication is supported to prevent unauthorized access.
  • One-way communication over SSL/TLS 1.2 encrypted channel ensures high security.
  • No changes required to your corporate firewalls.
  • Proven to scale to thousands of servers and hundreds of thousands of users.

Case Studies

eG Enterprise at NongHyup Bank Call Center

Over 30 million account holders trust NH Bank with their banking needs and customer satisfaction is a core focus area of NH Bank and the bank's call center operations and 1000s of call center agents rely on eG Enterprise to ensure they can serve their customers well.

Digital Workspace Performance Assurance with eG Enterprise on AWS Public Cloud

When COVID-19 hit Homepoint turned to eG Enterprise Cloud as a service available on AWS to monitor their employees’ Amazon WorkSpaces experience. “It took us 9 days to move 90% of our workforce to a WFH environment... Much faster and more smoothly than competitors...”

World's largest financial transaction settlement firm reduces complexity of IT monitoring with eG Enterprise

Using eG Enterprise, DTCC monitors and IT infrastructure responsible for settling nearly $2 quadrillion in securities transactions every year. EG Enterprise enables DTCC to ensure the uptime of JVMs (Java Virtual Machine) critical to their operations.

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