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Extensible Custom Application Monitoring from eG Innovations

IT monitoring for custom and hybrid platforms made easy


IT infrastructures supporting critical business services are developed using many off-the-shelf software applications. However, often the most critical components of the infrastructure are customized/home-grown applications. To ensure end-to-end availability and peak performance of business services, it is essential that the custom applications be monitored and managed in the same way and integrated with the same management framework as other standard software applications. This is where eG Enterprise Universal Insight Extensibility comes in.

Features and Capabilities

With the extensibility option for eG Enterprise empowers administrators can add new monitoring capabilities and build new models for custom applications. Custom applications can then managed in the same manner as other standard applications and devices. The result is a single pane of glass view of the entire infrastructure including custom components, a consistent way to monitor every tier, and truly integrated management of the IT infrastructure, so performance issues are discovered and resolved rapidly, before users notice.

Extensible, Custom Application Monitoring

eG Enterprise extensibility makes monitoring of custom applications easy:


eG Enterprise’s extensibility option offers users several key benefits:

Monitor custom and standard applications from a common console
Reduces the number of tool sets that an organization has to own and operate
Differentiate your offerings with custom capabilities

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