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VMware Horizon Monitoring

Deliver exceptional digital workspace experience and achieve VDI success

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End-to-End Performance Assurance for Virtual Applications and Desktops

VMware Horizon Monitoring Software
  • Measure all aspects of user experience including user logon, application launch, desktop access, and identify affected users
  • Automatically isolate the root cause of slowness: is it in the virtual desktop, storage, network, hypervisor, etc.?
  • Leverage built-in machine learning for auto-baselining, and AIOps for right-sizing and capacity planning
  • Proactively test VDI user experience and baseline KPIs through synthetic simulation

Solve Your Top VMware Horizon Problems in Minutes

  • Find out why VDI logon is slow
  • Breakdown logon time to identify which step is causing slowness
  • Is it due to GPO? User profile? AD authentication? Logon script execution? Client-side delay?
  • Analyze historical patterns of logon slowness for actionable insight
  • Monitor application launch time
  • Automatically pinpoint the root cause: is it due to network, CPU spike in Connection Server, virtualization bottleneck?
  • Use built-in reports to understand application launch time patterns
  • Determine if it’s an issue in the backend application itself that is affecting launch time for all users?
  • Analyze historical user trends and resource utilization patterns
  • Use built-in capacity planning reports to forecast how many more users can be added to each RDS host
  • Get insights for VDI right-sizing and optimization
  • Be well-informed for planning capacity upgrades and infrastructure scaling

Intuitive VDI Monitoring Dashboards, Analytics and Reports

  • VMware Horizon performance monitoring dashboards
    100% web-based monitoring console (HTTP/S)
  • VMware Horizon capacity planning
    Actionable insight for capacity planning
  • VMware Horizon baselining and performance monitoring
    Auto-baselining of performance metrics
  • VMware Horizon performance reporting
    Detailed reports for analyzing logon slowness
  • VMware Horizon user experience monitoring
    At a glance, view user experience for all users
  • VMware Horizon virtualization topology
    Intelligent VM-to-host mapping
  • VMware Horizon end-to-end monitoring
    End-to-end visibility of the entire VDI environment
  • VMware Horizon user session monitoring
    Track user experience of Blast, PCoIP and RDP sessions

Proactive Logon Monitoring Using VMware Horizon Logon Simulator

Synthetic Monitoring of VMware Horizon Logons
  • Simulate user logons and catch issues before real users are affected
  • Measure time taken for every step of the logon process from browser access, authentication, session establishment and enumeration to application launch
  • Detect which step of the logon process is causing slowness
  • Test application/desktop availability and logon performance 24x7
  • Establish baselines and compare user experience across locations

Get Diagnostics for Troubleshooting Virtual Application and Desktop Performance

Go beyond VMware vROps with end-to-end visibility across heterogeneous infrastructures and comprehensive operating system metrics from every VDI guest

  • Monitor CPU, memory, disk space, handles and network traffic for every user session
  • Monitor sessions and activity across PCoIP, Blast Extreme and RDP protocols
  • View Connection Broker events and identify errors, warnings and audit failure
  • Capture details of application crashes, hangs and errors
  • Measure roundtrip time, frame rate and bandwidth metrics
  • Monitor vSphere hypervisor performance and resource usage, and right-size VMs
  • Track GPU utilization per user and per application
Explore key performance metrics monitored out of the box
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Flexible Licensing and Deployment

Simplify VMware Horizon workspace monitoring with eG Enterprise, a one-stop shop solution with actionable insight.
Get the best VDI monitoring software at a very affordable price – monthly charge per user is less than the price of a daily cup of coffee.

VMware Horizon performance management

  • On-premises and SaaS deployments
  • Agent-based and agentless monitoring
  • User-based and server-based licensing
  • Multi-tenant deployment ideal for service providers
  • Universal agent compatible with Horizon gold images
  • Supports VMware UEM, App Volumes, Instant Clone
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The Only Solution Providing Inside and Outside Monitoring of Virtual Desktops

VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop Monitoring Tool

Go beyond VMware vROps with end-to-end monitoring of heterogeneous infrastructures and visibility of OS metrics from every VDI guest.


End-to-End VMware Horizon Monitoring and Automatic Root Cause Diagnosis

VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop Monitoring Tool
  • For each VDI pool, host and farm, get workload details including desktops that are connected, disconnected, idle, unknown, on maintenance, etc.
  • Track health metrics for Identity Manager, Security Server, EUM, Unified Access Gateway, etc. from a single pane of glass
  • Automatically correlate performance of Horizon infrastructure with the supporting tiers (network, storage, database, AD, etc.)
  • Automatically identify the root cause of problems and speed up troubleshooting
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What is VMware Horizon?

What is VMware Horizon?

VMware Horizon (formerly called VMware View) is a leading desktop and application virtualization technology that allows end users to remotely access virtualized desktops and apps from a secure digital workspace. Using the Horizon Client application installed on client devices, end users can connect to the Horizon VDI infrastructure. With PCoIP and Blast Extreme protocols being used, VMware Horizon facilitates delivery of high-end graphics and video content. Instant Clones and App Volumes technologies in Horizon enable fast and on-demand delivery of desktops.

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