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eG Enterprise is a specialized monitoring solution for VMware Horizon RDSH and VDI. It monitors all aspects of VDI experience and provides insights into the virtual desktop OS and performance. Tightly integrated with VMware Horizon APIs, eG Enterprise delivers end-to-end monitoring for every VMware Horizon tier and the supporting infrastructure.

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What is VMware vROps for Horizon?

VMware Horizon® is one of the most popular choices for deploying virtual applications and desktops. Virtual applications and desktop deployments have unique requirements for monitoring, diagnosis, and reporting. Hence, there is a need for specialized solutions that provide VMware Horizon administrators with the dashboards, insights, and reports they need to effectively maintain their VMware Horizon deployments.

VMware vRealize® Operations for Horizon® extends the functionality of the VMware vRealize® Operations Manager to monitor and manage VMware Horizon environments. It collects data about key VMware Horizon components and presents that data in preconfigured dashboards for both real-time and predictive analysis.

VMware vROps for Horizon

End of Life for VMware vROps for Horizon

End of Life for VMware vROps for Horizon

In August 2020, VMware announced that vROps for VMware Horizon is no longer going to be supported. This means organizations using VMware Horizon for delivering virtual apps and desktops will need to look for alternative ways to monitor their VMware Horizon deployments.

Requirements for Monitoring VMware Horizon Deployments

There are four key requirements for monitoring VMware Horizon:

  • Measure User Experience: The success of any VDI deployment hinges on user experience. Administrators need to be able to monitor all aspects of user experience proactively including user logon time, application launch time, screen latency, etc.
  • Monitor Every Layer, Every Horizon Tier: When user experience is poor, the immediate next question is "What is causing the issue?". To answer this question, it is imperative to monitor all of the Horizon tiers and the infrastructure tiers supporting the service - e.g., an Active Directory problem can result in slow Horizon logon.
  • Pinpoint the Root Cause of Problems: To take actions, administrators need help to figure out where the real problems lie. This must be done by analyzing performance across all the Horizon tiers.
eG Enterprise effectively monitors VMware Horizon deployments.
  • Right-Size and Optimize the Infrastructure: VDI administrators often have to cater to immediate business requirements. For instance, if 500 more users have to be accommodated, admins need to know how to optimize their infrastructure and where to add capacity.

Why eG Enterprise is the Right Choice for VMware Horizon Monitoring

eG Enterprise addresses all the key requirements for VMware Horizon monitoring:

  • Supports synthetic and real-user monitoring in one unified solution: Real User Monitoring (RUM) is based on observations of user activity. Detailed breakdowns of logon time, application launch time, and protocol latency for Blast and PCoIP sessions are included.
  • Includes specialized monitoring for all of the VMware Horizon tiers: vSphere hypervisors, virtual desktops, VMware connection servers, AppVolumes, vSANs, Unified Access Gateways, etc., are all monitored. You can also monitor other supporting tiers including storage, Active Directory, profile servers, F5 load balancers, etc.
  • End-to-End performance correlation for root-cause diagnosis: Service topology views depict the status of every layer and every Horizon tier. Color codes provide visual cues highlighting the problem areas. Drill-downs provide detailed insights to identify and resolve issues quickly.
  • Analytics for right-sizing and capacity planning: 25+ reports available out of the box help administrators identify if there are any resource bottlenecks, whether load is balanced well, and where and how much capacity must be added to accommodate future demand.
eG Enterprise is the right choice for VMware Horizon monitoring eG Enterprise delivers end to end performance analysis.

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What do customers say about eG Innovations?
What do customers say about eG Innovations?
eG Innovations helps companies identify the root cause of complex IT and application performance problems.

Unique Features of eG Enterprise for VMware Horizon VDI Monitoring

eG Enterprise addresses all the key requirements for VMware Horizon monitoring:

  • Comprehensive solution for all types of digital workspaces: eG Enterprise provides a unified solution that covers all types of digital workspaces including those based on Citrix, Microsoft WVD, Microsoft RDS and Amazon WorkSpaces.
  • Flexible Licensing: Deployable 100% on-premises, eG Enterprise is also available as a SaaS service. You also have flexibility to choose between hypervisor-based licensing and user-based licensing, depending on the user density you are able to achieve.
eG Enterprise delivers many unique monitoring capabilities
  • Addresses the needs of all stakeholders in your organization: With our custom dashboard creation and custom report generation capabilities, you can cater to the unique needs of different stakeholders.

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