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Enterprise IT Service Monitoring & Diagnosis

Unified monitoring, diagnosis and reporting of applications in cloud and virtual infrastructures

Enterprise Monitoring 2018: Converged Application and Infrastructure Monitoring from a Single Pane of Glass

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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How it Works

Many of the world’s largest deployments of virtualization, cloud, Citrix and virtual desktop technologies rely on eG Enterprise to make monitoring, diagnosis and reporting of key IT services fast, simple and complete. High service uptime, increased user productivity and satisfaction, reduced operational costs and effective capacity planning and optimization are some of the key benefits.

Universal Monitoring Technology

Universal Monitoring Technology for IT Service MonitoringThe eG Universal Monitor enables the unified monitoring of 180+ applications, 10+ operating systems, 10+ virtualization platforms and 20+ storage devices. Based on embedded domain expertise, the eG Universal Monitor provides performance monitoring insights into end-user experience, business transactions, applications and the supporting infrastructure (physical, virtual and cloud). Administrators have the flexibility to choose between agent-based and agentless monitoring options.

Deployment is very easy - The eG monitor can be loaded in a gold image and configured on-the-fly to monitor different applications or servers.

Licensing is simple - Based on the number of servers, and not on CPU/cores, the server operating or even specific applications.

Automatic Baselining and Analytics

IT Service Monitoring: Automatic Baselining and AnalyticsSetting thresholds for thousands of performance metrics is tedious, time consuming and requires a great deal of expertise. In many cases, the thresholds must be time-varying (time of day, day of week) and cannot be set manually.

eG Enterprise auto-baselines all the metrics it collects. By analyzing historical data, it automatically determines time-varying thresholds. Multiple levels of thresholds are supported to allow problem escalation. Alerts are triggered when deviations from the norm are noticed, so you are informed pre-emptively before problems escalate and impact user experience.

Automatic Correlation and Diagnosis

Enterprise IT Monitoring Tool: Automatic Correlation and DiagnosisSince IT infrastructures are very inter-dependent, a problem in one tier can ripple and affect all the other tiers. New inter-dependencies introduced by virtualization and cloud computing further accentuate the situation.

eG Enterprise embeds the industry’s first truly virtualization-aware root-cause diagnosis technology. Discovering application-to-application, application-to-VM and VM-to-physical machine dependencies, eG Enterprise correlates performance alerts from different tiers and automatically pin-points where the root-cause of a problem lies. This way you can resolve performance issues with accuracy in minutes rather than days.

Dashboards and Reports

IT Service Monitor: Dashboards and ReportseG Enterprise provides personalized views for different stakeholders in your organization. Real-time dashboards can be created and viewed in minutes. Aggregated metrics provide enterprise-wide views of IT demand, quality and utilization.

eG Enterprise also offers comprehensive pre-built and custom reports. High-level IT service performance reports help executives identify areas that need attention. Deep-dive operations reports allow IT managers to zoom into the performance of specific tiers of the infrastructure. Trending and forecasting reports help architects identify opportunities for optimization and cost savings.

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