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ServiceNow Integration with eG Enterprise

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Making Incident Management Automatic

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IT Operations teams have runbooks they follow when problems occur. These runbooks provide a set of procedures and practices that they should follow for:

Incident management systems allow problems to be recorded and analyzed from opening to closure. Analysis of incidents can reveal how IT operations can be improved to provide faster diagnosis, more accurate resolution, and reduce MTTR.

  • Automated Incident Management Necessary

    The integration of performance monitoring and incident management helps make IT operations effective and efficient:

    • Without a tight integration, the process would be people dependent. An IT administrator has to manually analyze alerts in a performance monitoring solution, determine which ones have not been mapped to incidents, determine when and why an incident has to be created, etc.
    • A manual process is time consuming. Also, human errors may occur and can result in problems being missed or not being addressed in a timely manner.

    Therefore, automated incident management is a requirement for efficient and effective IT operations.

  • eG Enterprise ServiceNow Integration for Automatic Incident Management

    Monitor CPU usage as part of the incident management process

    ServiceNow provides a full-fledged enterprise IT cloud solution for Information Technology Services Management (ITSM), Information Technology Operations Management (ITOM), and Information Technology Business Management (ITBM), thereby allowing organizations to streamline IT service delivery and increase agility.

    eG Enterprise is a world leader in converged application and infrastructure monitoring, providing solutions for user experience management, automated diagnosis, and intelligent analytics to solve some of the biggest IT performance challenges of today.

    The eG Enterprise integration with ServiceNow allows organizations to quickly identify and resolve performance issues at both application and infrastructure levels. The integration also helps eliminate silos and align IT teams to enable faster incident identification and resolution.

  • How eG Enterprise and ServiceNow Integration Empowers IT Operations Teams

    The eG Enterprise - ServiceNow integration systematically ensures that application and infrastructure administrator(s) get alerted whenever there is a deviation in the norm, thereby creating automatic tickets based on severity levels. For instance:

    ServiceNow helps manage alarms.
    1. if there is an application response slowdown detected, an alert is created in eG Enterprise.
    2. Through the eG Enterprise - ServiceNow integration, an incident is automatically created in ServiceNow.
    3. When eG Enterprise determines that contention in the database tier is the root-cause of the issue, it automatically downgrades the priority of the application response problem and updates the ServiceNow incident accordingly.
    4. A new incident is created in ServiceNow to reflect the database contention issue.
    5. When the root-cause of the issue is addressed, eG Enterprise automatically closes the incidents it creates in ServiceNow.
    This way, IT administrators can continue to handle incidents and follow workflows in ServiceNow but will have visibility to the entire IT ecosystem monitored by using eG Enterprise.
  • Reduce Helpdesk Tickets Using Proactive Monitoring and Smart Incident Management

    eG Innovations provides easy to read incident management dashboards.

    When a user notices and complains about a problem, troubleshooting can take several hours and numerous bridge calls. The troubleshooting process is manual, time consuming, and expensive. Empowering IT teams with proactive alerts about performance issues is an easy way to reduce IT support costs.

    eG Enterprise's auto-baselining capability makes it possible for IT Operations teams to track normal performance trends in the infrastructure. When any deviations from the norm are detected, incidents can be created in ServiceNow to get IT personnel to track and resolve these abnormalities quickly before they become service impacting. This proactive approach to IT monitoring and management results in reduced tickets to the helpdesk and improves service uptime and user experience.

  • The Swiss Army Knife Approach for Application and IT Infrastructure Monitoring

    eG Enterprise collects important performance metrics

    The eG Enterprise - ServiceNow integration integrates the best monitoring platform with the leading ITSM platform for integrated incident management. Most IT infrastructures today are heterogeneous and multi-vendor. eG Enterprise's universal monitoring technology provides the broadest coverage in the industry with support for 200+ applications, 20+ storage devices, 10+ virtualization platforms, 10+ OSs, and much more.

    Through a web console, IT teams can gain visibility to all aspects of IT performance including user experience, business transactions, service availability, resource usage, and capacity constraints. This Swiss Army knife approach of eG Enterprise ensures that organizations have no visibility gaps and coupled with intelligent incident management by ServiceNow, it helps organizations align IT to best meet the business needs.

  • The eG Enterprise and ServiceNow Integration Benefits DevOps Teams

    Devops cycle
    • Get full-stack visibility with eG Enterprise and automate incident management with ServiceNow to streamline IT operations.
    • Enable collaboration across domains, thereby facilitating a common view of IT performance and minimizing troubleshooting effort and time.
    • Automate DevOps workflows, gain insights, and remove bottlenecks at every stage of the software lifecycle (plan, develop, build, test, deploy, and operate).

"The ROI of eG Innovations exceeded our expectations. Not only did we get those chargebacks reduced, we also benefitted IT as a whole because help desk tickets weren't created and time management was a lot better-- we weren't spending hours trying to pinpoint issues, we could reallocate those resources to other, more important activities."

Peter Dinh
Senior Virtualization Engineering Lead, eBay Inc.

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