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Identify performance bottlenecks before they become member experience problems. eG Enterprise monitors your entire IT infrastructure and applications from end to end and through every tier to ensure that nothing is impacting performance.

Why do Credit Unions choose
eG Enterprise?

For over 20 years, eG Enterprise has been a leader in giving IT teams at credit unions visibility into their IT infrastructure and applications and helping them understand "why is my application slow?" eG Enterprise is a proven partner when it comes to on-premises, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud deployments.

83% of customers found value within the first month of deployment
84% of customers were able to identify problems before end users were affected
82% of customers recommend eG Enterprise to their peers
eG Enterprise monitors the entire IT deployment at credit unions nationwide
Unified alerting, diagnosing, reporting, and capacity planning in a single console
Extremely flexible deployment options (on-premises and cloud-based) that work with even the most complex IT setups

Simple and Flexible Pricing

Pricing is based on the number of services monitored, payment terms, and deployment method. You get everything
you need for comprehensive monitoring of your IT infrastructure and applications. There are no hidden costs and you
won't get nickel and dimed for add-on services.

On-premises perpetual license
On-premises subscription license
Cloud-based SaaS pricing based on your requirements


Reviewed by IT Professionals

  • "Amazing Performance And Granularity"

    "Great tool for monitoring the health of your infrastructure"

  • "Works straight from the tin and is reliable"

    "A solid product with excellent support"

Gartner Peer Insights represent unbiased reviews and subjective opinions of end users based on their own experiences and are not an endorsement by Gartner, nor do they not reflect the opinions of Gartner. Gartner Peer Insights is a registered trademark and servicemark of Gartner.

Trusted by Credit Unions Nationwide

Whenever end users complain about performance problems, we can quickly and easily pinpoint the real cause using eG Enterprise, whether it’s the network, an application or
actually some aspect of Citrix itself.

Sergio ChecchiSystem Administrator, RSVZ Download Case Study

We're here to Save your Credit Union Money on IT Infrastructure

Maximize your razor-thin margin and squeeze the most out of your IT budget

eG Enterprise helps credit unions optimize their existing hardware and increase its shelf-life.

  • See how much additional capacity your existing IT infrastructure can handle
  • Forecast when you'll need to make hardware upgrades and how much additional capacity you'll need

Built to Work with Legacy IT, On-Premises, Cloud, and Hybrid-Cloud Deployments

It would be great if all credit unions could have a clean Silicon Valley-style, cloud-first IT setup, but most are not that fortunate.

Whether your IT deployment is something resembling a Frankenstein's monster, or whether your credit union has made the transition to the cloud, eG Enterprise is designed to work with any type of setup.

  • Supports over 200 applications, 10 operating systems, 10 virtualization platforms and 20 storage devices

Data Security is your Top Priority,
Which Means it's Our Top Priority

Nothing is more important than the security of your credit union's banking applications and member data.

eG Enterprise is designed to be compliant with the most robust of security certifications.

  • SAML and 2-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access for on-prem and cloud deployments
  • Option to integrate with Active Directory
  • Agent and Manager uses SSL/TLS 1.2 for all communication and the product is rated A+ by SSL labs
  • No changes required to your corporate firewall
Security of your credit union's data is paramount

No More Finger-Pointing at IT

IT has become the punching bag for many credit unions because when something goes wrong, everyone gets impacted.

eG Enterprise helps you escape finger-pointing and war room hell by proactively monitoring your IT infrastructure and applications so you know about a problem before your end-users do.

  • Advanced synthetic monitoring simulates real actions being taken on your IT deployment to measure response times
  • Monitor real-user experience of applications used by your credit union

Take Back Control of Your Time for Upgrades and Scheduled IT Projects

You can't eliminate break-fix jobs completely, but you can get them resolved faster with eG Enterprise.

Get to the root cause of IT performance problems instead of looking at the symptoms and going down rabbit holes.

  • Single pane of glass for your entire IT deployment
  • Instantly discover whether problems are in the infrastructure or application tier

Rescue your Inbox from Never-Ending Alerts

Alert fatigue is real, especially when alerts are just notifications. It's important that you get alerts when something goes wrong, but too often they are not useful or indicative of real problems.

eG Enterprise helps to dramatically cut down on the number of alerts you receive by knowing what's a root cause and what's a symptom.

  • Auto-baselining using machine learning to understand usage patterns in your credit union
  • Get alerts on the root cause, not on every cascading fallout from dependencies in the system
Rescue your inbox from never-ending alerts

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