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AIOps-powered full-stack monitoring and automated root-cause diagnostics for Red Hat OpenShift application workloads and infrastructure.

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Modern application and infrastructure monitoring
of Red Hat OpenShift environments

Traditional monitoring tools are not suitable for dynamic modern environments such as OpenShift. The dynamic environments associated with containerization and microservice architectures have rendered traditional monitoring tools obsolete.

The eG Enterprise Universal Agent Operator for OpenShift is designed to overcome the limitations of legacy monitoring technologies ensuring monitoring is automatically deployed alongside your changing OpenShift environments.

eG Enterprise is a full-stack, container-aware monitoring and observability platform with built-in domain aware monitoring support for Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.

Automated deployment with eG Innovations Universal Agent Operator for Red Hat OpenShift environments

eG Enterprise automatically scales with the Kubernetes platform underlying OpenShift, ensuring full monitoring visibility of the Kubernetes landscape and applications deployed as the number of pods and nodes run scales.

Modern monitoring with the eG Innovations Universal Agent Operator automates deployment with the following benefits:

  • No manual intervention needed: Removes the need to manually install, configure and update agents. Automatically monitor OpenShift and Kubernetes containerized processes and applications without the need for code or image changes. The eG Innovations Universal Agent can be injected into Docker and CRI-O containers in real-time, providing monitoring capabilities without requiring developer involvement.
  • Scale with growth: Scales with the largest OpenShift environments to monitor vertically and horizontally scaled pods and nodes. This scalability makes eG Enterprise well-suited for highly dynamic and multi-workload microservice architectures such as OpenShift.
  • Automatic monitoring: Ensures applications and services are automatically monitored as they are deployed. eG Enterprise provides automatic cross-application business transaction tracing and code-level visibility across multiple cloud instances. These capabilities enable end-to-end visibility and monitoring of transactions as they traverse different cloud environments.
  • AIOps powered: The eG Enterprise platform AIOps engine rapidly learns to ensure out-of-the box metric thresholds and automated alerting to administrators of anomalies and issues in dynamic environments.

Next-generation container monitoring
for Red Hat OpenShift

With eG Enterprise, you can monitor your container environment from both the Dev and Ops sides. Application Performance Monitoring (APM) instruments your custom code, allowing you to identify and pinpoint bottlenecks or errors. Infrastructure monitoring collects metrics about the host or container, such as CPU load, available memory, and network I/O. Keep your stack monitored from bottom to top with eG Universal Operator's simple and powerful observability solution for OpenShift.

eG Enterprise covers all key components of OpenShift which a performance monitoring and observability solution should:

  • Kubernetes: OpenShift is built on top of the open-source Kubernetes framework for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Learn more about the key metrics, logs and traces for Kubernetes that are continuously monitored, see: Kubernetes Monitoring & OpenShift Monitoring Metrics | eG (
  • Container Engine: Containers run on a RHEL CoreOS/CRI-O engine. OpenShift CRI-O is an open source, community-driven container engine. Its primary goal is to replace the Docker service as the container engine for Kubernetes implementations, such as OpenShift Container Platform.
  • Applications: Enterprise applications run on containers and ultimately it is application performance and availability that impacts end users and customers of services and applications delivered via OpenShift.


Proactive monitoring and out-of-the-box alerting
for complex OpenShift environments

The patented AIOps technologies embedded in the eG Enterprise monitoring platform leverage machine learning and other technologies to understand performance baselines.

Rich visualizations and analysis:

  • Out-of-the-box and customizable dashboards and reports for comprehensive data visualization.
  • Enables easy understanding of complex data and performance metrics in OpenShift and Kubernetes environments.

Dynamic metric thresholds and alerting:

  • Automatic implementation of dynamic metric thresholds for continuous alerting.
  • Anomaly detection for potential issues across the full stack, ensuring proactive monitoring.

Fullstack tier root-cause correlation:

  • Pinpoints the root causes of issues in OpenShift environments, avoiding alert storms.
  • Enables efficient and effective problem resolution by identifying the exact sources of problems.

Rich APIs and ITSM integrations:

  • Provides rich APIs for seamless integration with other tools and systems.
  • Allows automatic tracking of OpenShift issues and incidents in existing business tools like ServiceNow, JIRA, WhatsApp, Autotask, Microsoft Teams, and more.
  • Ensures visibility and traceability of OpenShift-related incidents within the organization's IT service management (ITSM) platform.

With eG Enterprise's long-term data retention options, organizations can undertake long-term historical analysis and forecasting of their environments for performance and cost-effectiveness.

Hybrid multi-cloud ready monitoring for OpenShift

eG Enterprise can be installed On-Premises, in any Public Cloud or via our ready-to-go fully managed SaaS platform to suit each customer's data control and cloud usage strategies.

eG Enterprise's domain tailored modules support over 250+ different technology stacks allowing true end-to-end monitoring of all your OpenStack applications, infrastructure and dependencies. End-to-end monitoring provides a single console to monitor all your application and infrastructure including:

  • Public cloud services and usage including resources and billing costs for public clouds such as AWS and Azure.
  • Authentication services and components on-prem or in cloud, including Azure AD, Active Directory and more.
  • Full support for all major DaaS and VDI technologies including Citrix, VMware and more.
  • The complete hardware, data center and infrastructure landscape including technologies from Cisco, Nutanix, IBM, HP, Dell and all major vendors.
  • Rich suite of database monitoring for all significant cloud and on-premises database technologies.
  • Monitoring and alerting for dynamic containerization and orchestration technologies including Docker, CRI-O, OpenShift and Kubernetes.
  • Enterprise Application Monitoring of key enterprise applications including Office 365, SharePoint, Moodle, PeopleSoft, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cerner, Epic and more.
  • APM (Application Performance Monitoring) for the full stack supporting .NET, PHP, Node.js and Java based applications.

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