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Why is Monitoring of
Oracle PeopleSoft Applications Important?

Oracle PeopleSoft modules for financial management and supply chain management are used by organizations in many sectors, including financial services, public sector, healthcare, and manufacturing. PeopleSoft's Campus Solutions are widely used for student information systems by colleges and universities worldwide. All these systems are business-critical, and performance degradation impacts user productivity and business operation. For instance, when the PeopleSoft application is slow, many students may miss out on enrolling for a course and may have to defer taking the course for several semesters.

Logging into the application is extremely slow. The browser with the PeopleSoft signon page churns for a while before it loads the PeopleSoft home page.

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Key Challenges in
Monitoring PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft Slow

PeopleSoft's Pure Internet Architecture (PIA) has multiple tiers of hardware and software. While a multi-tier architecture offers scalability, it also makes monitoring and diagnosis harder.

Since there are inter-dependencies between the tiers, a problem in one tier can impact all the other tiers. An administrator's challenge is how quickly he/she can identify where the cause of a PeopleSoft application slowdown lies (e.g. in the application, Network, Firewall, Server, web,database, etc.).

Proactive monitoring, accurate diagnosis, and lower time to repair can improve the experience for PeopleSoft users.

eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

Mike Montano Senior Manager, Allscripts

eG Enterprise: Complete Monitoring Solution for PeopleSoft Applications

eG Enterprise provides a complete monitoring solution for PeopleSoft environments. From a central web console, administrators can:

  • Measure the digital experience of users in real time using a combination of synthetic monitoring and real user monitoring
  • Track the performance of web servers, application servers, the Tuxedo transaction processing engine, and backend databases
  • Analyze critical business transactions and pinpoint the line of code or query that is causing slowness
  • Auto-correlate events and identify the root cause of performance problems
  • Gain reports highlighting performance bottlenecks and get recommendations for intelligent capacity planning
PeopleSoft application monitoring from a central web console.

Gain Application Performance Insights at Your Fingertips

Monitor the user experience of PeopleSoft users and be the first to know when the application is slow or experiencing any outages. Fast track support by proactively identifying high-priority issues

  • Use synthetic monitors deployed at strategic locations in your infrastructure and measure performance 24x7. Obtain screenshots when failures happen so that you can diagnose what failed.
  • Complement this with monitoring of real user accesses to your applications. Know who accessed each page, andfrom where, as well as page load times , any JavaScript errors, etc. From real-user monitoring data, get a glimpse of what is causing slowness: network, server-side processing, content rendering, or browser wait time.
PeopleSoft user experience monitoring from eG Innovations

Converged Application and Infrastructure Monitoring
Helps Pin-Point Cause of
PeopleSoft Slowness

With eG Enterprise, get insights into application and infrastructure performance from one console. Use the eG universal agent to monitor the Oracle WebLogic container supporting PeopleSoft, the PeopleSoft application, the Tuxedo processing engine, and the backend database server.

Converged application and infrastructure monitoring from eG Innovations.

  • Obtain all key metrics for each tier, compare against baselines and highlight which layer and which tier can be the cause of bottlenecks.
  • Determine if the application server's JVM is configured correctly, and if there are application code bottleneck, which line of code is causing the issue, etc.
  • Use request transaction processing graphs to understand backend latencies and troubleshoot quickly.
  • Correlate application performance with the underlying infrastructure including virtualization platforms, docker containers, etc.

Drill Down to the Essentials of Tuxedo Forensics

eG Enterprise includes in-depth monitoring for the Tuxedo Application Server that is at the heart of the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture. Using these metrics, administrators can:

  • Monitor Tuxedo server load by process
  • Identify queueing bottlenecks by tracking requests in queue
  • Track transaction begins, commits, and aborts by client
  • Monitor transaction volumes by transaction type
  • Monitor the status of all PIA services and the workload handled
  • Track accesses to PIA bulletin boards
  • Analyze workload across servers to identify load balancing anomalies
Get in-depth monitoring for the Tuxedo Application Server with eG Enterprise

Answer Key PeopleSoft Performance Questions

Once the desired metrics are collected, administrators can use these domain-specific metrics to find quick and accurate answers to the following persistent performance queries:

  • What is the transaction load on the monitored domain?
  • Has the domain been configured with adequate server process instances, services, and interfaces to handle the load?
  • Is the Tuxedo application server able to connect to the database? Are there enough free connections in the database connection pool?
  • What is the current workload of the conversational server process (PSSAMSRV) in the monitored domain?
  • Have any errors/warnings been reported in the APPSRV log files and TUXLOG files?
Get your PeopleSoft perfomance questions answered with eG Enterprise.

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