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Citrix Logon Monitoring

Detect logon slowness proactively and make Citrix logons blazing fast

of Citrix admins cite slow logon as their #1 problem

Troubleshooting Citrix Logon Problems Can’t Get Any Easier

eG Enterprise provides complete logon performance visibility for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop workspaces. From NetScaler/StoreFront connection, to enumeration, application launch, profile load, and GPO processing, monitor logon time every step of the way and pinpoint the cause of logon slowness.


Two Ways to Monitor Citrix Logon Performance and Troubleshoot Slowdowns

Synthetic Logon Simulation

  • Simulate the exact steps your users go through when they log into their Citrix sessions
  • Track the time taken at every step of the logon process
  • Detect logon issues proactively & fix them before users notice
  • Test logon and application availability 24x7, and establish baselines
XenApp and XenDesktop Logon Simulation

Real User Logon Monitoring

  • Identify logon issues of real users in real time
  • Get 360° view of logon: See metrics from the Delivery Controllers and XenApp servers/XenDesktop VMs side by side
  • Determine if logon processing is slow due to server or client
  • Automatically diagnose which step of the logon process is causing slowness
XenApp and XenDesktop Logon Monitoring

Go Boldly Where No Citrix Logon Monitoring Tool Has Gone Before

While tools like Citrix Director measure only logon from brokering to interactive session, eG Enterprise provides Citrix admins with additional insights they need to resolve logon issues: Which GPO is executing slowly? Which user’s profile is too large? Is WEM processing slow? etc.

Citrix Logon Monitoring and Troubleshooting
eG Enterprise is a purpose-built monitoring solution for XenApp & XenDesktop 7.x:
  • Monitor logon processing by Citrix WEM
  • Measure logon metrics from the Delivery Controller and XenApp server side by side
  • Simulate and test logon availability for Citrix Cloud
  • Quick access to granular historical data to troubleshoot slow logon complaints

Intuitive Logon Monitoring Dashboards, Analytics and Reports

  • Citrix logon simulation

    Simulated monitoring of XenApp & XenDesktop logons

  • Citrix logon time monitoring

    Step-wise breakdown of logon times

  • Citrix logon reporting

    Out-of-the-box reports for historical data analytics

  • Citrix logon trends

    Track slow logon trends over time


Solve Your Top Citrix Logon Problems in Minutes

Citrix Logon GPO Processing Overview

Get detailed break-down of GPO processing. Find out if slowness is due to LDAP Bind and Domain Controller discovery.

Citrix Logon GPO Processing Breakdown

Identify the client-side extensions applied and isolate the one that took most processing time.

Citrix Logon Large User Profile Tracking

Track load time of user profiles. Report on the size of each profile.

Citrix Logon Large User Profile Analysis

Drill down to analyze why a profile size is bigger.

Citrix WEM Monitoring - Citrix Logon

eG Enterprise delivers in-depth monitoring of time taken for logon processing by the Workspace Environment Management (WEM) agent to identify logon slowness due to WEM. Get breakdown of initial processing and WEM agent processing.

Citrix WEM Logon Time Monitoring

Drill down to analyze duration for external task processing messages.

Citrix Logon Slowness Due to Network Latency

Keep tabs on the user’s client network connection strength and latency and be the first to know of any slowness affecting connectivity.

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What Happens During Citrix Logon?

What is Citrix Logon?

Citrix logon is the process of allowing a Citrix end user to login to his/her Citrix session from anywhere they can launch their published virtual applications and/or desktops. Citrix logon comprises of various steps, from browser access, StoreFront connection, authentication, enumerations of apps/desktops on StoreFront, until clicking and launching apps/desktops of interest. Because there are so many steps involved, identifying logon slowness is challenging; a Citrix logon monitoring solution is needed to help diagnose issues and ensure fast logons.

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