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eG Enterprise monitors dozens of StoreFront KPIs out of the box, giving you complete visibility of your StoreFront services both inside and outside, including the underlying .NET Framework and IIS web servers.

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Why Monitor Citrix StoreFront

Citrix StoreFront is the gateway to the Citrix services. Users connect to one of many StoreFront servers, get authenticated and access applications or desktops assigned to them. If Citrix StoreFront is down or slow to respond, users will not be able to access the Citrix services. This will lead to poor user experience and reduced business productivity. Hence, 24x7 monitoring and rapid troubleshooting of performance issues relating to Citrix StoreFront are important.

Citrix StoreFront monitoring

Enabling Top Performance
of StoreFront
for Citrix Delivery

eG Enterprise is a Citrix-Ready certified monitoring solution for Citrix environments. eG Enterprise provides a 360-degree view of Citrix StoreFront performance, monitoring StoreFront services from the inside and from the outside. With eG Enterprise, Citrix administrators can:

  • Monitor all the StoreFront servers and associated services
  • Track the availability and responsiveness of StoreFront stores
  • Proactively test StoreFront enumeration and application availability and get alerted to issues before user complain
  • Baseline StoreFront health metrics and get alerted to KPI deviations
  • Isolate bottlenecks in the underlying .NET Framework and IIS server infrastructure
Citrix StoreFront troubleshooting

With eG Enterprise's auto-baselining capabilities, Citrix administrators can be alerted to any workload changes over time.

StoreFront KPIs Monitored Out of the Box
StoreFront URL availability and response time Current users accessing StoreFront Rate of requests and time for different resource subscription calls including add, remove, get, and update
StoreFront home configuration availability and response time Explicit authentication and change password call rate and time StoreFront to Delivery Controller XML communications including call rates and response times
Authentication method availability and response time Delegated authentication time and rate Availability of NetScaler Gateways connected to the StoreFron
Login availability and response time ICA and rade launch calls and launch time Availability of Delivery Controllers and XenMobile servers configured through StoreFront
Availability and response time for accessing each of the stores Average time for different StoreFront activities including list resources, get icon, get ICA file Call rates and response time for different Controller actions

eG Enterprise for Citrix StoreFront Monitoring

Citrix StoreFront troubleshooting

eG Enterprise is an end-to-end monitoring solution that provides incredible visibility into your Citrix StoreFront performance. With eG Enterprise you can:

  • Monitor all key StoreFront KPIs
  • Use synthetic probes to track the availability of individual stores and report on ICA file download and enumeration times
  • Monitor all aspects of IIS web server and Microsoft .NET performance
  • Correlate StoreFront performance with that of the other Citrix tiers
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With eG Enterprise, you can cut down the time of troubleshooting and be proactive instead of reactive – which, in turn, translates into productivity for the organization.

Giri SontyEnd-User Computing Consultant, CUGC NY/NJ Metro Leader

Total Performance Assurance for Citrix Environments

Answer Key Citrix StoreFront Performance Questions with
eG Enterprise

  • Are the StoreFront servers reachable?
  • Is there slowness during user authentication?
  • Is logon slowness due to communication with a specific Citrix Delivery Controller?
  • Are applications and desktops available for launch through StoreFront?
  • Which specific action of the StoreFront server is causing slowness: listing resources, get icons, ICA launch, ICA file download, etc.?
StoreFront performance monitoring

Go Beyond Citrix StoreFront and Gain End-to-End Citrix Performance Visibility

  • Track performance metrics at every layer and every tier of the Citrix environment
  • Automatically correlate Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop user experience issues with the Citrix delivery infrastructure
  • Pinpoint the root cause of Citrix performance problems in a just minutes and speed up troubleshooting
  • Leverage built-in reports for capacity planning and infrastructure right-sizing
StoreFront performance management

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