Citrix Provisioning Server (PVS) monitoring

Get deep visibility into the performance of your Citrix Provisioning Service and quickly get to the root-cause of the issue with eG Enterprise which provides true end-to-end and top to bottom monitoring.

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Citrix Provisioning Services - PVS

Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) are being widely used in large scale application and desktop virtualization environments. Bottlenecks in the PVS servers can lead to slow boot times, cause desktops and applications to be unavailable or to be slow. Sudden session freezes or disconnects can also happen if PVS servers are slow. Monitoring of PVS servers and their performance is therefore important.

eG Enterprise is one of the few solutions in the market that provides deep visibility into every aspect of Citrix Provisioning service performance, irrespective of whether the server is deployed on a physical or a virtual machine.

Citrix Provisioning  Monitoring Tools Overview

Why is Citrix PVS monitoring challenging?

Citrix PVS Monitoring Dashboard

Since users do not directly access PVS, slowdowns or failures of PVS are hard to detect. Furthermore, because there are several underlying tiers in the Citrix infrastructure, when slowness is detected, an administrator often has to spend a lot of time determining exactly where the cause of the problem lies.

In-depth visibility and analysis of key performance indicators at the server operating system (particularly IOPS and memory), the infrastructure (key services, errors, etc.) and the application layers (e.g., the vDisks, the target devices, the write cache, PVS sites, PVS connections to license servers and data stores, etc. ) are the keys to identifying PVS problems proactively.

eG Enterprise for Citrix Provisioning Server monitoring

Citrix PVS Monitoring Tools

As part of its wide-ranging Citrix monitoring capabilties, eG Enterprise provides in-depth Citrix Provisioning Server performance monitoring. With eG Enterprise you can get detailed insights into PVS:

  • Check if your PVS servers are healthy
  • Determine the Status of each of the vDisks and target devices
  • Monitor write cache utilization, vDisk locks, device retries and more
  • Determine if Citrix service delivery is impacted by a PVS bottleneck
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What eG Enterprise monitoring for Citrix PVS offers

Deep visibility into provisioning services health and performance

  • Provisioning server operational status
  • Availability of provisioning server's key Windows services, connectivity to database and license servers
  • Provisioning server errors (from log files, event logs, etc.)
  • Status of each of the vDisks and target devices
  • Write cache utilization in RAM
  • Active vs. Inactive devices
  • Target device activity on vDisks and devices
  • PVS site and farm-wide visibility
Citrix Provisioning Performance

Answers to key questions regarding Citrix PVS performance

  • Are all the provisioning servers in a site available and responding to target device requests?
  • Are there any inactive vDisks in a site? Which ones?
  • Is the PVS server's RAM sufficiently sized?
  • Which vDisks are not connected to any target device?
  • Are any vDisks locked for a long time?
  • What is the number of times a target device had to retry an I/O transaction?
  • What are the boot times for target devices?
Citrix PVS Monitoring Tools

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