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Why eG Enterprise for IT Monitoring

Increased IT Operational Efficiency and High ROI

See How Our Customer Benefited from Using eG Enterprise

eG Innovations partnered with TechValidate, a trusted authority for collection and generation of customer feeedback on software products to conduct a survey of current users of its eG Enterprise application performance monitoring, diagnosis, and reporting solutions. About 250 users were included in this survey, and the questions covered a broad range of topics. The key findings of this survey highlight that eG Enteprise delivers on its promise of excellent return on investment for application performance monitoring.

  •  Avoid outages

    84% of users reported that eG Enterprise helped them avoid application performance outages by identifying problems before end users were affected.

  •  Cost-effective

    75% of users found the universal monitoring capability to be one of the most useful features of eG Enterprise.

  •  Real-time alerts

    83% of users found real-time performance monitoring and alerting to be one of the most useful features of eG Enterprise.

  •  Short learning curve

    65% of users recommended eG Enterprise because of its easy to use user interface.

  •  Bridges gaps

    75% of users used eG Enterprise for monitoring critical applications.

  •  Excellent time to value

    83% of users saw value within the first month of installing eG Enterprise.

  •  Broad coverage

    82% of users recommend eG Enterprise for its ability to monitor a wide range of applications and servers.

  •  Single pane of glass

    70% of users stated that eG Enterprise helped identify the cause of complex application performance problems that involve multiple domains.

  •  Reduce downtime

    72% of users reported that eG Enterprise helped reduce the time to identify the root cause of application performance.

  •  Pinpoint problems

    60% of users found that layered modeling of applications to be one of the most useful capabilities of eG Enterprise.

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