SAP Analytics - Issues and Challenges - Case Study

eG Enterprise at Samsung

The SAP infrastructure is so complex that reporting an issue was a real challenge. eG's unified dashboard shows a total view of business service performance for SAP. Quote

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Key Benefits to Samsung

  • Positive customer experience
  • Uninterrupted SAP processes
  • Fast, proactive resolution of performance issues

Why eG Enterprise?

  • Provided performance assurance for SAP enterprise applications
  • Identified and resolved performance bottlenecks to restore positive user experience
  • Automated root cause diagnosis and anomaly detection

The Challenge: Proactive Monitoring of Business-Critical Applications

SAP monitoring tools at Samsung - Case Study

In common with many global enterprises, technology giant Samsung was using siloed tools and locally customized scripts to monitor business-critical applications such as SAP, Network, WAS, and databases. The use of redundant and separate monitoring tools cost Samsung significant time and productivity when identifying and isolating the causes of performance issues. A proactive approach to issue identification and resolution was not supported by the tools and processes in place. Further, in cases where siloed monitoring tools were not configurable, system "blind spots" made root cause diagnosis impossible.

The problem was multiplied when Samsung launched a global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) initiative focused on merging its multiple SAP application systems around the world, comprised of over 200 servers supporting 24/7 business services. Because one error or failure could impact or even suspend the entire system, performance management was a critical success factor of the ERP consolidation.

To achieve maximum availability and zero defects, the ERP initiative performance management platform needed to support:

  • Proactive problem detection
  • Identification of root causes of abnormal or problematic behaviour
  • Cooperation and collaboration between service and infrastructure divisions

After reviewing multiple performance management and monitoring solutions, Samsung selected eG Innovations to manage the performance of the consolidated SAP environment.


The Solution: SAP Monitoring Tools from eG Enterprise

eG Innovations ensured that the performance platform met the key success criteria above and provided mission-critical capabilities and benefits:

  • Implementation Flexibility

    Samsung wanted to retain the best features of the existing siloed management tools in its transition to eG Enterprise. eG accomplished this by re-using existing custom scripts to manage SAP applications which strengthened the available depth of monitoring. These scripts were successfully incorporated into the performance management platform.

    eG Enterprise is now the performance monitoring framework for Samsung's SAP system and manages all mission critical monitoring items. Through an SMS-based alert process, Samsung IT personnel can take rapid action on performance alerts before they negatively impact user experience or productivity.

  • Proactive Diagnosis & Rapid Problem Resolution

    SAP Performance Monitoring Tools

    With such a dispersed ERP infrastructure, Samsung service managers need accurate and holistic understanding of issues and symptoms. eG enables Samsung to proactively detect performance issues of mission critical systems before they rise to the level of impacting user experience. Performance alerts are sent to managers in real-time to enable fast response and resolution of issues.

    Infrastructure managers need to pinpoint and proactively address abnormal system behaviour before they impact end users. The eG performance management uses automated and intelligent baselining of thresholds to establish normal system behaviour. This allows detection of unusual patterns almost immediately, which allows proactive 'behind the scenes" resolution of problems before they impact user productivity.

  • Single Performance Monitoring Console

    Siloed monitoring tools communicate with the person responsible for the application, but are not viewable system-wide by all administrators. The eG Enterprise single console allows all IT administrators to see a problem across the entire business service. This capability helps collaboration between teams which speeds problem resolution and supports fast and efficient business services.

    "The SAP infrastructure is so complex that reporting an issue was a real challenge. eG's unified dashboard shows a total view of business service performance for SAP," said Samsung ERP's BC Leader. 'It allows us to quickly locate the problem and resolve it without difficulty."

    eG Enterprise is also accessible by other stakeholders, including situation room and board members who can now see service wide performance using the eG Dashboard. The dashboard is so popular that it quickly became a starting point of sharing work and collaborating on technical discussions and supporting services.

  • Reduced Time to Recovery

    A single system failure impacts many business processes. With over 200 servers, Samsung's Global SAP system was vulnerable to significant downtime as the cause of an issue rises was located and resolved. All system servers and 100 network devices are now monitored by eG Enterprise to guide problem resolution and to greatly reduce repair time.

In summing up the results of eG Innovations' engagement, Samsung ERP's BC Leader said, 'The eG Enterprise platform allows us to manage performance of the SAP environment much more conveniently and reliably than before. The results have been well beyond our expectations."