Citrix enables secure, remote access to Microsoft Windows® applications and desktops as well as Linux® web and SaaS applications from any device, over any network. This is more than VDI; digital business services encompass and support many different technologies that vary significantly from one organization to another.

Users getting access to their desktops and applications is the first step, and which is why monitoring the logon performance has become critical for Citrix-based IT services. That's why eG Innovations recently announced a Free Logon Simulator for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop.

But that's only a first impression. To make a lasting impact on user experience, the applications and desktops being delivered on top of the Citrix service must also perform, and these digital business services will be comprised of many different components from any number of suppliers.

Watch this Citrix Ready on-demand webinar by John Worthington, Director of Product Marketing at eG innovations, and discover how Citrix and eG Enterprise can combine to provide you with end-to-end performance management that can make a lasting impression your users will love.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • Why measuring just logon performance is not optional for Citrix services
  • Why managing end-to-end performance is key to digital business service success
  • How you can proactively monitor digital business services delivered via Citrix

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John Worthington

John Worthington

Director of Product Marketing
eG Innovations

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With eG Enterprise we are a step ahead of our users. When eG's root-cause engine identifies where a problem is, we know we are not going down the wrong path.

- Donna Jellison, Manager of Intel Systems at Alverno Information Systems.

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