IT Infrastructure Monitoring

eG Enterprise Assures End-to-End Digital Performance,
Which Enables New Pig To Keep Its PIG Promise To Digital Consumers - Case Study

eG Innovations was very willing to make adjustments to the tool to the way we wanted to use them - you typically don't find that in most companies. Quote

Casey MainesSenior Systems Admin - New Pig   |  Download Case Study

Key Benefits

  • Improved performance visibility and single-pane-of-glass view
  • Rapid shift to proactive monitoring
  • More accurate assignment of performance-related incidents

Why eG Enterprise?

  • Easy to implement and use
  • More efficient use of IT resources via automated problem isolation
  • Single pane of glass
  • Significant domain expertise out-of-the-box

About New Pig

The key to New Pig's success has been its world-class service - and assuring the performance of IT systems end-to-end is critical to delivering on that promise. As the world's leading provider of revolutionary innovative solutions for cleaner, safer workplaces and facilities, New Pig has been keeping the 'PIG Promise' since 1985.

IT Infrastructure monitoring at New Pig

The proliferation of monitoring tools was creating a mess, so New Pig's IT department started searching for a better way to monitor the performance of critical IT infrastructure, applications, and web sites that has:

  • End-to-End visibility with a single pane of glass
  • Proactive monitoring capability
  • Automated problem isolation
  • Accurate, timely incident assignment

Casey Maines, Senior Systems Administrator, and Steve Luciano, Network Administrator, were tasked with finding a way to clean up the monitoring mess.

I was really looking for a network management software, but when Casey got an email about Citrix monitoring with eG Innovations, we decided to take a look.

Steve Luciano,Network AdministratorDownload Case Study

eG Enterprise's Evaluation

When New Pig began looking for a network monitoring tool to replace an existing product, nothing really seemed to fit. After more than eight months of looking at various monitoring tools, they finally selected eG Innovations, which seemed to be able to do everything New Pig needed, and at a competitive price point.

What surprised New Pig was the way eG Innovations handled the pre-sales process; the eG Innovations' team took the time to understand New Pig's requirements and tailor the solution to their immediate needs.

This level of support continued after the sale too. For example, at the time New Pig was evaluating eG Enterprise, there was a component that wasn't supported out of the box. eG Innovations added the component for New Pig in about five weeks and it is now a part of the over 200+ applications fully supported by eG Innovations.

We had some application monitoring before, but it wasn't good. It wasn't integrated with everything else--now we're able to see it all; it's been very helpful. We've got a more in-depth, thorough monitoring system now where we can see end-to-end - a user's connection from the quality of the network from where they are to where they're going... which is huge.

Steve Luciano,Network AdministratorDownload Case Study

Today, Casey and Steve use eG Enterprise to get a complete view of all critical IT systems, applications, and end user experience and were able to significantly improve performance and consolidate multiple monitoring tools at the same time.

The New Pig IT team found a better way to monitor their critical IT services with eG Innovations.

Their Future Plans

New Pig has plans to expand eG Enterprise by adding more affiliates, locations, live reporting, and their AWS environment.

eG Enterprise's unified performance monitoring approach helped clean up our monitoring mess. We use it almost exclusively now, and plan to continue expanding the scope to include all critical IT services and systems.

Casey Maines,Senior Systems Administrator Download Case Study