How Synthetic Monitoring Helps Citrix Admins Go from Being Reactive to Proactive

Demonstration of Two Techniques: Citrix Logon Simulation and Full Session Simulation

One of the biggest pains in the life of a Citrix administrator is being called to troubleshoot a problem after it has occurred and end users are impacted. Every minute taken to diagnose the cause of the problem and to resolve it costs your organization dearly – lost productivity, reduced user satisfaction and increased operations costs.

What if you can know in advance that a potential problem is going to affect end users – slow logon, slow app launch, backend application issues, etc.?

Watch this demo and learn how eG Enterprise's synthetic monitoring capabilities can transform your Citrix operations from reactive to being proactive. You will also learn different use cases and benefits of synthetic monitoring and how to use simulation to solve issues before they become user-impacting.

Citrix synthetic monitoring helps Citrix Administrators diagnose issues before users are impacted

Simulating a full Citrix user session using eG Enterprise

Watch a demo of eG Enterprise

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