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eG Innovations Provides Performance Monitoring Solution for 2016 Citrix Summit Conference

Citrix Summit Event Management Team Relies on eG Enterprise's End-to-End Performance Management to Ensure Top Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Performance for Live Keynotes, Demonstrations and Labs

Iselin, NJ – January 6, 2016 - eG Innovations announced today that Citrix selected its flagship product, eG Enterprise, as the exclusive performance monitoring solution for on-site physical and virtual infrastructure systems driving its premier 2016 partner and sales conference. Citrix Summit, in Las Vegas on January 11-13, is the largest partner-focused event presented by Citrix each year, attracting more than 5,000 on-site attendees.

During the Summit conference, the Citrix Summit Operations Center’s live IT infrastructure includes key Citrix products – XenApp, XenDesktop, NetScaler, Cloud WorkSpace and more – plus supporting tiers, such as Microsoft Active Directory, NetApp, and Apache web servers. Achieving top performance in this heterogeneous environment requires real-time visibility across every tier and into each layer of the infrastructure to allow the fastest possible remediation for any issues that may arise. eG Enterprise’s custom performance dashboards and comprehensive reporting will help the Citrix Summit Operations Team ensure a great user experience for all live conference keynotes, demonstrations, the Citrix sandbox, learning labs and kiosks, where responsive and reliable system performance is critical for presenters and attendees to operate with confidence.

Fabian Wright, technical marketing manager for Citrix Systems commented, “For the server infrastructure supporting Citrix Summit, it is important for the Summit Engineering Team to have a monitoring solution that covers a wide range of products, does not have a huge learning curve, and quickly spots changes in the environment. We showcase a wide range of Citrix products and solutions, as well as partner hardware products at our events. eG Innovations provides a monitoring solution that meets our requirements for a simple and single management tool.” 

 “We are excited to work once again with our partner Citrix as a key solution provider to help deliver informative industry events to the Citrix community in 2016,” said Matt Wrabley, vice president of business development at eG Innovations. “A large conference such as Citrix Summit demands seamless application and desktop performance to offer a great live experience, and eG Enterprise is an excellent fit to provide immediate, actionable insight into any performance issues that arise, whether they originate inside the Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop stacks, within the provisioning servers, in NetScaler, or anywhere else across the infrastructure. The selection of eG Enterprise by Citrix for this flagship event demonstrates well how our end-to-end monitoring technology can help IT teams achieve and maintain outstanding performance in any business-critical, Citrix-driven environment."

eG Enterprise was also previously chosen by Citrix as its IT infrastructure monitoring solution for Citrix Synergy Orlando 2015. As a Citrix Technology Partner since 2003, eG Innovations offers comprehensive performance management solutions that are fully aligned with Citrix technologies and its vision for efficient, scalable and profitable enterprise virtualization. eG Innovations’ clients include some of the largest Citrix VDI deployments in the world in healthcare, finance, IT,  manufacturing, entertainment and business services, across five continents. 

To learn more about eG Enterprise for Citrix performance monitoring, visit eG Innovations’ Citrix Monitoring information center, or on-site at Citrix Summit 2016, in Booth #507.

To learn more about Citrix Summit 2016, visit the event website.

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