Ensure Citrix/VDI Success by Combining End User Experience and Performance Monitoring

Desktop virtualization projects can bring major benefits to your organization. But if your users aren’t happy with application performance or availability, your support costs can escalate, and delivering successful deployments becomes a major challenge. Your support teams need to see what the users are experiencing and when a problem occurs, be able to rapidly identify the cause so it can be fixed. That is not an easy task if IT Operations and Support teams don’t have the right tools, or have to use so many silo tools they can’t get a single consistent picture.

Watch this webinar with performance management experts Stuart Kennedy (Senior Consultant, eG Innovations) and Serge Levi (CEO, Itexis) to find out:

  • How to measure the End User Experience and baseline KPIs - but why tracking End User Experience alone only tells you when there is a problem, not what’s causing it;
  • The need for deep monitoring of Citrix/VDI - but why silo based monitoring of the infrastructure components is not effective;
  • How eG Innovations integrates End User Experience and Citrix/VDI Service Performance Monitoring to provide complete visibility;
  • How eG Innovations’automatic event correlation and root-cause diagnosis ensures you can fix problems quickly, with less waste of technical resources;
  • The benefits of bringing together end users and IT operations on a common framework understandable by everyone;
  • How to enhance quality of service (QoS) by optimising the service infrastructure.

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Webinar Presenters

Keith Girt

Regional Sales Manager
eG Innovations

Stuart Kennedy

Technical Service Manager
eG Innovations

Serge Levi