How to Ensure High-Performing Microsoft .NET Applications

Best Practices for .NET Performance Monitoring

In today’s distributed application ecosystems, with various inter-dependencies and dynamic infrastructures, it is extremely challenging to detect and resolve application failures and performance slowdowns. This is especially true in a Microsoft .NET application stack. Developers, IT Operations Staffs and Site Reliability Engineers often get involved in long war room sessions to isolate the root cause of poor customer experience in the digital business service.

Watch this on-demand webinar by John Worthington, Director of Customer Success at eG Innovations, as he explores the various problems that could affect .NET application performance and discusses industry best practices for effective performance monitoring.

Learn how a converged application and infrastructure monitoring strategy can help:

  • Detect digital experience issues in real time
  • Analyze critical business transactions and diagnose slowdowns
  • Get .NET method-level visibility to fix application code issues
  • Understand application dependencies with underlying infrastructure (IIS, Hyper-V, SQL, Azure, etc.)
  • Auto-correlate alerts and isolate the root cause of performance problems

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Webinar Presenter

John Worthington

Director of Customer Success
eG Innovations