VDI Monitoring & Performance Management Best Practices with Brian Madden & Gabe Knuth

Join the VDI gurus Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth as they discuss the pitfalls and best practices of performance management and monitoring of virtual desktop environments (VDI).

Learn more about:

  • User experience focus vs application silo focus
  • Quick identification of performance bottlenecks vs fingerpointing between network, server, desktop teams
  • Proactive vs reactive performance management
  • Turning data overload into actionable insight
  • Understanding the whole VDI environment end-to-end vs silo focus
  • Insight into user and application behavior and performance impact
  • Tools for VDI planning and design vs implementation
  • Why monitoring of virtual desktops is different from virtual servers
  • How to right-size your VDI infrastructure
  • Agent vs agentless monitoring

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Webinar Presenters

Brian Madden

Desktop Virtualization Expert and Blogger

Gabe Knuth

Desktop Virtualization Expert and Blogger