Single-Pane-of-Glass Monitoring Tool for IT Infrastructures: Myth or Reality?

Are you using multiple tools for monitoring your IT infrastructure? It's never easy to toggle between different consoles and dashboards for performance analysis and diagnostics. For years, IT managers have been seeking a single-pane-of-glass tool that can help them monitor and manage all aspects of their IT infrastructure - from desktops to servers, hardware to application code, and networks to storage.

Watch this on-demand webinar, and learn what a single-pane-of-glass monitoring solution can do and how it can help you simplify performance management. Debunk myths and uncover truths. Get all your questions answered:

  • Can a single-pane-of-glass monitoring solution replace all the tools you are using today?
  • What are the typical characteristics of such a solution, and what are its pros and cons?
  • How difficult is it to implement a single-pane-of-glass tool?

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Webinar Presenter

Srinivas Ramanathan

eG Innovations