How To Achieve Single-Pane-of-Glass Performance Management

A Road Map to Unified Monitoring

Achieving a single pane of glass for performance management has been an elusive goal, as organizations are faced with an increasingly complex mix of legacy, virtual and cloud technologies, as well as emerging operating models and evolving roles/skillsets.

But, monitoring the performance of digital business services demands more than visibility to just the end user experience, applications, or the underlying infrastructure. It requires an ability to automatically anticipate and isolate performance issues across a heterogeneous mix of technologies, devices and suppliers.

Watch this on-demand webinar, where John Worthington, Director of Customer Success at eG innovations, details some best practices for achieving the single pane of glass vision. In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how monitoring can be leveraged in continuous improvement and other transformative change programs
  • See how converged APM/IPM can accelerate achievement of a single point of glass for performance monitoring
  • Identify some best practices you can apply for achieving unified monitoring and improving organizational transparency

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Webinar Presenter

John Worthington

Director of Customer Success
eG Innovations