End-to-End Monitoring Solution - A Partner Case Study

Since 2015, eG Enterprise, with its end-to-end monitoring, enables INISI to do what they do best: impart consultancy and knowledge services to their clients.

eG Enterprise enables us to do more business with our customers.Quote

Bart BossersBart Bossers, Director - Consultancy & Sales, INISI  |  Download Case Study

Key Benefits

  • For their customer's IT teams - Faster Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) because of eG Enterprise's accurate root cause analyses. This feature helps the team to isolate the issue and pinpoint it quickly. Each minute of downtime is a direct loss of productivity and indirectly, profits too. For INISI, faster resolution of issues leads to less downtime, which makes a big impact.
  • For the end users - The end users of their customers now work more efficiently and have a much better user experience than before. This results in happy employees with higher productivity.

Why eG Enterprise?

  • INISI states that they do not measure Return on Investment (ROI). They view it as a product, which makes their solutions more valuable.
  • INISI listens, advises, and helps their customers move forward. The customer's problem is that they have to solve malfunctions without eG Enterprise (reactive monitoring) and in doing that, they lose a lot of time/resources. This puts a lot of pressure on the IT department, such as dissatisfied users and high costs due to, for example, users not being able to log in or having to wait a long time to log in. With eG Enterprise deployed by INISI, their customers proactively prevent failures, gain insights into the entire chain, and actually (and very quickly) detect the root cause of the problem.
  • Their IT team spends less time figuring out where the root cause of their customer's IT issues lies. Therefore, it gives them more personal time to spend with their existing clients and prospective clients.
  • eG Enterprise enables them to do what they do best: advising and imparting consultancy and knowledge services to their clients.
  • eG Enterprise provides a clear picture of the entire IT and application environment of their customers. The icing on the cake is that they spend very little time setting up the console because of eG Enterprise Cloud.

What does INISI ICT do?

INISI ICT (also called INISI) supplies high-quality ICT infrastructures. Thanks to advice based on their deep expertise, extensive experience, and involvement, they ensure that ICT, and thus their client's business operations, function optimally.

They focus on quality over quantity for their customers.

The Context

Prior to 2015, they used several traditional performance monitoring tools, but they needed a tool that not only collects information but also analyses it.

Their customers have very complex IT environments comprising traditional IT components and modern applications. With traditional monitoring solutions, it was very difficult for INISI to diagnose the root cause of issues that occurred, and it also needed a lot of manual effort. This delay caused their clients to experience system slowness and sometimes, accessibility issues too. INISI needed more insights and faster problem triage. Their old monitoring tools provided them with only raw data and nothing more. They needed a 'smart' tool.

That's why they searched and evaluated multiple IT performance monitoring solutions that would give them not only information but also show the correlation/bottlenecks, and with auto-detection capabilities to show them the entire IT topology.

This systematic search and evaluation led them to eG Innovations. Since then, they found the ideal tool in eG Enterprise by which they could not only diagnose problems before they occurred but could also pinpoint the root cause.

eG Innovations' Evaluation

As they required a monitoring solution that had 'smart thinking' about underlying issues, their correlation between all IT Infra components along with end-to-end monitoring capabilities, they invited the local Benelux region's eG Innovations team for an off-site lunch meeting.

By the time lunch was over, the PoC from eG Innovations had impressed them and they never looked back.

A huge advantage that eG Innovations had over other competitors was the involvement and understanding that eG Innovations' local Benelux team brought in.

Since then, INISI maintains that eG Innovations is a complete monitoring solution that ticked all their requirements.

The INISI partnership with eG Innovations also goes a long way in proving their motto of 'Better together, together better' by:

  • Working together in a stimulating way
  • Listening first, then advising and helping each other move forward
  • Achieving better results through collaboration

eG Enterprise: Current Deployments

INISI has deployed eG Enterprise for multiple clients. For example, currently, they're working together with Dura Vermeer in the Netherlands where they use eG Enterprise to monitor their backend systems and provide end-to-end monitoring.

They also use eG Enterprise during short projects for performing IT health checks, which helps them serve their customers even better. In these IT health checks a complete, independent assessment/audit is conducted of the business' security, accessibility, and whether best practices are being followed is assessed.

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eG Enterprise gives us the possibility to do quick health checks for our customers.Quote Bart Bossers Director - Consultancy & Sales, INISI  |  Download Case Study

Their Future Plans

eG Enterprise is INISI's standard offering to all their existing and new customers. In 2021, INISI achieved the eG Innovations' Gold status as a trusted partner, showing potential for the business relation in the future.

In the near future, they hope to onboard more customers on to eG Enterprise so that they too can experience real end-to-end monitoring-from endpoints to backend infrastructure.

INISI and eG Innovations better together

Watch a short video in which eG Innovations and INISI elaborate on their collaborative work and solutions:

"Together with eG Innovations, we strive to deliver the best quality that is possible. All our focus is only on this."
-Bart Bossers, Director - Consultancy & Sales, INISI


INISI designs, builds, implements, and manages high-quality ICT infrastructures. They provide solutions from leading vendors, such as Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Cisco, Nutanix, HP, and eG Innovations. They deliver real value through the involvement and expertise of their own certified consultants.

About eG Innovations

eG Innovations is dedicated to helping businesses across the globe transform IT service delivery into a competitive advantage and a center for productivity, growth, and profit. Many of the world's largest businesses use eG Enterprise to enhance IT service performance, increase operational efficiency, ensure IT effectiveness, and deliver on the ROI promise of transformational IT investments across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.