Cloud-Based Citrix Managed Services with eG Enterprise - Case Study

eG Enterprise at GlassHouse

eG is a cornerstone of our service delivery for enterprise and midmarket customers and allows our team to be proactive on issues before they manifest into operational outages.Quote

John Merryman,Managing Director, GlassHouse  |  Download Case Study

Key Benefits to GlassHouse

  • Enabled GlassHouse to bring to market a differentiated service offering for Citrix and Azure/AWS managed services
  • Allowed them to operate more efficiently and proactively, thus lowering the burden on their small expert consulting team
  • Enhanced operational efficiency, which allows them to be competitively priced on deals

Why eG Enterprise?

  • Specialized monitoring capabilities for Citrix and related technologies
  • Multi-tenant, cloud-based delivery model
  • Extensibility for monitoring AWS/Azure and other application platforms
  • Flexible 'pay-as-you-go' managed service provider licensing model
Citrix Cloud Services and Citrix Managed Services

GlassHouse is a leading Cloud and Workspace Life-cycle Management service provider. Headquartered in Sydney, GlassHouse offers outcome-driven consulting services that transform customer's journey to a cloud computing end state for enterprise applications and desktop workspace.

The company's consultants offer a vendor-independent approach to architect, implement, and operate IT environments that drive high performance and agility. Using their services, customers can identify and mitigate operational inefficiencies, yielding significant cost savings reducing risk, and create a more stable environment to ensure service levels are continually met.

GlassHouse has partnered with industry leaders, including Amazon AWS, Citrix, eG Innovations, and Microsoft Azure.

The Need: Automated Performance Monitoring to Complement Consulting Expertise

GlassHouse has been a Citrix solution advisor for a long time. Many of their founders and consultants have years of experience with Citrix technologies. In 2010, when the company was founded, their focus was on providing high-end expert consulting services. One of the areas that GlassHouse executives decided to focus on was to offer specialized management services to Citrix customers. "Monitoring of Citrix technologies has been a challenge for years. The built-in tools are limited and while you can cobble together multiple dashboards, you still cannot get complete visibility. This was the case in 2010 when we started, and it is still the case even now," said John Merryman, Founder and Managing Director, GlassHouse.

GlassHouse started researching into monitoring, automation, and reporting tools in 2013. They were looking for a platform with expertise in Citrix technologies that could complement their highly skilled consultants. The platform also had to support a multitenant, managed service delivery model from the cloud, which could be used to monitor servers and applications that resided in customer premises.

"We performed a detailed market and requirement analysis exercise. We selected eG Innovations as our platform for our managed services offering because it offered robust connectors for Citrix and associated platforms. The eG Enterprise platform also allowed us the ability to expand our offerings to support cloud and other application technologies," said Mr. Merryman.

The Solution: Multi-Tenant, Cloud-Based Citrix Managed Services with eG Enterprise

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eG Innovations was selected by GlassHouse in 2016 to support a major client. Being an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, they hosted the eG Enterprise management server in their AWS cloud.

The company's CloudControl service offering is driven by eG Enterprise and offers flexible support services to clients. Customers can quickly add a support and stabilization layer to existing IT operations and gain better visibility and control of their Citrix assets.

"eG Enterprise is a cornerstone of our service delivery for enterprise and mid-market customers and allows our team to be proactive on issues before they manifest into operational outages. Our managed services team relies on eG Enterprise for daily checks, early identification of issues, and alerting for critical issues requiring attention. The AWS hosted eG Enterprise environment has scaled well over time and provides a composite core monitoring and reporting environment for several key customers," said Mr. Merryman.

GlassHouse customers do not directly use eG Enterprise. However, they benefit from the responsiveness of the GlassHouse team to potential incidents. Their consultants also leverage performance metrics and reports from eG Enterprise to support capacity planning and growth considerations common to enterprise customers, who are seeking to deliver end-user services at scale.

GlassHouse's managed services team has built processes and procedures that integrate tightly with eG Enterprise metrics and reports. These methodologies have allowed GlassHouse to significantly reduce incidents, escalations and issues while delivering services that meet or exceed customer SLAs. "Having timely and qualified technical support from the vendor is a key requirement for any managed service provider. This is the one thing that we value the most about eG Innovations. Our team always gets an accurate response from the eG Innovations support team. This is a key to the strong partnership we have forged with eG Innovations," concluded Mr. Merryman.